Kirsty and Simon , Durker Roods 12th April 2014


Kirsty and Simon tied the knot on the 12th of April 2014 at the Durker Roods in Huddersfield. Dave and Megan, the award winning photographers from Leeds had never been to this venue before so took a bit of time to walk around looking for nice areas to take photos later on in the day. Sadly the weather wasn’t as kind today for the happy couple but this didn’t dampen to mood of Kirsty and simon as they happily exchanged vows in front of their most loved friends and family.
As the weather didn’t clear up, after the wedding ceremony the team got the photos inside, luckily Durker Roods offered a beautiful stair case which worked perfectly for the smaller shots.
Once they were finished with the group photography, the Leeds based photographers we able to get some more casual photography as the staff prepared for the wedding breakfast.
Dave and Megan a few minutes before the guests were due to sit down went into the wedding breakfast room to get a few snaps before people came in. You could tell straight away that a lot off effort has being up into this room to make it look as beautiful as it did.
It was now time to leave them to their own devises whilst they enjoyed the stunning food that Durker Roods had to offer. You could tell Simon was getting more and more nervous as the day went on about his speech that was coming up in the near future, how ever he certainly got the crowds attention in no time. After lots of clapping, toasts and tears, it was not time to usher the guests out of the room and start preparing for the first dance, how ever seen as the rain had stopped , Dave and Megan took the brief opportunity to get some photos of just Kirsty and Simon. By this time the sun was setting how ever with a bit of off camera flash and artistic thinking the team got some amazing night photography that they are sure the happy couple will love.
After a fantastic day with this outgoing, fun and loveable couple, it was almost impossible to think that it was already nearly time to go, with just a first dance to photograph left. So as the night went on, they photographed people dancing, drinking and having a good time before it was time to pack up and say our good byes.

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