Catherine and Richard Rogerthorpe Manor 30th August 2013


Cathrine and Richard

Rogerthorpe Manor wedding photographers West Yorkshire Badsworth

On the 30th August 2013, Catherine and Richard had their special day at Rogerthorpe Manor; a venue the wedding photographers from leeds are both familiar with from Laura and Andrews not too long before. However before the team were to head for Rogerthorpe Manor, the Dave Spink Photography team was to meet Catherine back art her house as she was preparing for the day.

Hung up ever so elegantly upstairs was her wonderful wedding dress and all the accessories she was to wear on the day, including a sequence embroidered belt that you don’t really see very often at weddings, however it looked amazing on.
The happy couple decided on a church wedding where everyone was waiting for the beautiful bride to make her appearence.
Once the ceremony was over the team got some quick shots at the front of the church however Catherine and Richard wanted to majority of their photos back to Rodgerthorpe manor, so off to the venue they went.
The Rogerthorpe Manor Photogrpahers pride themselves not their fast and efficient way of doing to group photography, ensuring the bride and groom can get back to their guests as fast as possible without missing out any of the photos they want.
Having been to Rogerthorpe Manor before, Dave and Megan already had an idea of where the best spots were, however they make it their main goal not to just copy what they did at the last wedding. With that in mind, if a bride and groom have ideas of their own or have seen something the team have done before this can also be accommodated for.


Laura and Andrew 16th July Rodgerthorpe manor


Rogerthorope Manor wedding photography West Yorkshire.

Laura and Andrew had their special day at Rodgerthorpe Manor; A Venue Dave Spink Photography had not actually photographed at before.
The wedding photographers for Rogerthorpe Manor offer ‘pre wedding shots’ This is a service that helps the team get to know you that little bit more prior to your wedding day at your wedding venue. The team can offer this to anyone of their clients, should they ask. Pre wedding shots don’t just help the bride and groom but they actually help Dave and Megan have an idea as to what photos it is you’re looking for and how the team can achieve that in the best possible way. The team started the day with Laura, it came as a surprise to us that the bridal suite was big, light and airy, meaning plenty of room to take photos of her absolutely stunning dress!
It also encourages a calmer prep for everyone, rather then  small cramped room that may cause things to get slightly hectic.
Rogerthorpe manor is quite a big quirky venue with gardens full of potential, perfect for a bright sunny day like Laura and Andrew had on both their wedding day and pre wedding photoshoot!

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