Serena and Ross at Hollins Hall


Serena and Ross Booked our Gold Package, Meaning these wedding photographers from Leeds had the pleasure of staying with the happy couple all day.  With the entire wedding day at Hollins hall this meant the team had more time with the bride and groom. First they met Serena at the  hotel preparing for her big day. The team had the bridal suit to themselves whilst photographing the dress shoes and other accessories she planned on wearing on the day.

Although Serena worked very hard not to cry before the ceremony as soon as her dad walked through the door the tears started as the emotions ran high.

It was now time to meet a nervous Ross before the ceremony began to start with some of the grooms men photos.

With everyone anxious to see the stunning bride, they then awaited for her grand entrance. All eyes on Serena it was clear to see that Ross’s nerves were all gone as soon as she stepped into the ceremony room.

Vows were said, tears were shed and rings were exchanged , the were now husband and wife!

The happy couple went for a ride in their stunning wedding car just after the ceremony so this meant the Leeds based photographers had a bit of time to get some more casual photos and to run around the wedding breakfast room before they arrived.

With many photographic areas both inside and out, making each photo different and unique became almost effortless with regards to location.

Once the group photography at Hollins Hall was done they were now able to get on with speeches and wedding breakfast whilst the team set up for the night do.

With a quick turn around of the room and extra guests arriving it soon became time for the first dance and cutting of the cake

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Kayleigh and Chris at The Chevin Lodge


Kayleigh and Chris celebrated their special day at the stunning Chevin Lodge Hotel located in the relaxing landscape of Otley. It was an early start for these Award winning photographers from Leeds when meeting Kayleigh and her girls back at their house photographing her preparations. Unlike most brides, Kayleigh had her nerves under control. Her dress was a beautiful and fitted her princess theme down to a T. Not forgetting her stunning pair of shoes that were personally decorated with lots of pretty gems that a friend had decorated . Once the team were finished with the preparations, they then headed to the church to meet the guys. Chris seemed wel, which was surprising seen as he was up at 6 in the morning playing golf!
Before Kayleigh arrived, the Leeds based photographers had to get everyone inside so no one saw her beforehand.
Luckily this week the Dave Spink Photography team were able to have both photographers at the front of  St James Church in Silsden  This was perfect for getting photos of both the bride and grooms expressions throughout the ceremony.
Although the pair seemed calm beforehand, this certainly wasn’t the case when Chris’s stunning bride made her grand entrance.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  This week Kayleigh and Chris had booked a vintage bus to ferry everyone back the Chevin Lodge Hotel where they celebrated the rest of the day. This meant when the happy couple arrived first with us at the Hotel, we were able to get a few romantic shots before guests arrived. But as soon as the bus arrived the speedy photographers had to snap away quick when it came to the group photography as they only had half an hour until the wedding breakfast and speeches were to start. This wasn’t a problem for the Dave Spink Photography team as they don’t waste any valuable time. The Award winning photographers understand that you and your guests don’t want to be standing in the cold for hours so they make this part of the day as quick and painless as they can, without forgetting any of the key moments.
This left the team with just enough time to have a quick nosey in the Wedding Breakfast room where the princess theme continued throughout consisting of a stunning castle cake and tables named after the popular Disney characters. Before the speeches, both the Groom and the Best man seemed extremely nervous, however both of them did an amazing job!  It was now time to set the Leeds based Photo Booth up before the reception was going to start. Kayleigh had hired a stunning chocolate fountain which looked delicious.
To fit in with the Princess theme even more, the happy couple provided their own props which consisted of lots of crowns, wands and many Disney princess accessories.
Before long, after a hectic day it was already time to get photos of the dance.
To round the day off Kayleigh had a dance with her dad. A Perfect end to a perfect day
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Kirsty and Simon , Durker Roods 12th April 2014


Kirsty and Simon tied the knot on the 12th of April 2014 at the Durker Roods in Huddersfield. Dave and Megan, the award winning photographers from Leeds had never been to this venue before so took a bit of time to walk around looking for nice areas to take photos later on in the day. Sadly the weather wasn’t as kind today for the happy couple but this didn’t dampen to mood of Kirsty and simon as they happily exchanged vows in front of their most loved friends and family.
As the weather didn’t clear up, after the wedding ceremony the team got the photos inside, luckily Durker Roods offered a beautiful stair case which worked perfectly for the smaller shots.
Once they were finished with the group photography, the Leeds based photographers we able to get some more casual photography as the staff prepared for the wedding breakfast.
Dave and Megan a few minutes before the guests were due to sit down went into the wedding breakfast room to get a few snaps before people came in. You could tell straight away that a lot off effort has being up into this room to make it look as beautiful as it did.
It was now time to leave them to their own devises whilst they enjoyed the stunning food that Durker Roods had to offer. You could tell Simon was getting more and more nervous as the day went on about his speech that was coming up in the near future, how ever he certainly got the crowds attention in no time. After lots of clapping, toasts and tears, it was not time to usher the guests out of the room and start preparing for the first dance, how ever seen as the rain had stopped , Dave and Megan took the brief opportunity to get some photos of just Kirsty and Simon. By this time the sun was setting how ever with a bit of off camera flash and artistic thinking the team got some amazing night photography that they are sure the happy couple will love.
After a fantastic day with this outgoing, fun and loveable couple, it was almost impossible to think that it was already nearly time to go, with just a first dance to photograph left. So as the night went on, they photographed people dancing, drinking and having a good time before it was time to pack up and say our good byes.

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Lindsey and Lee – The Marriot Hotel 11th April 2014


This weekend was a very busy couple of days for the Team at Dave Spink Photography from Leeds. Lindsey and Lee celebrated their special day at the beautiful Marriott Hotel in Manchester. Before heading to the church the Videography and Photography teams met Lindsey to capture her preparations. Back at the Church Megan and Abbie were getting shots of the church, photos of the groomsmen and guests arriving. Lindsey and Lee were both extremely lucky as the weather was beautiful throughout the whole day meaning lots of natural photos of people having a good time in the sun.
Whilst waiting for the brides grand entrance, they started to get ready for the ceremony. Unfortunately the photography team were restricted to the back of the church, but as the video team were positioned at the front they could actually pull some photos off of the footage so the Bride and Groom won’t miss out too much.
Once the ceremony was over, Abbey and Dave went with the Bride and Groom to take photos on the way to the venue. This is a great way to add a little variety to your day.
Thankfully the weather stayed nice, so everyone mingled in the sun meaning which was a great opportunity for the team to do what they do best before getting on with the group shots.  Lindsey and Lee had hired a Toast Master which is a great touch to the day, you get announced into your room and your guests get to learn a little bit more why some traditions exist such as the wedding breakfast, cake and confetti.
Once the group photography and videography was over all that was left to do was the speeches, dance and their increasingly popular ultimate Photo Booth.

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Claire and Karl Nostell Priory 5th April 2014

This weekend these Leeds based photographers headed to the stunning Nostell Priory for Claire and Karl’s special day. They started this spring morning back at Claire’s house getting photos of her preparations. Eager to get to the church to meet her nervous groom, Claire unlike most brides was ready with plenty of time to spare, so this was Dave and Megan’s time to head over to Wragby Church and prepare for her entrance.
Wragby church is located on the grounds of Nostell priory, perfect if you’re planning on having your wedding breakfast and reception in the venue itself.
Once the ceremony was over the Bride and groom headed over to the venue to get a start with the group photography. Prior to you wedding day, these award winning photographers hold two meetings with you either in person or over the phone in order to get an idea as to what you want from them on the day and specific photos you require. This helps the team work fast and efficiantly ensuring that you can get back to your guests as quick as possible.
Nostel priory isn’t just a beautiful venue, but the grounds are stunning too so they took a bit of time just to walk about with Claire and Karl picking out nice quirky spots to add to their collection of photos.
While waiting for the wedding breakfast, Dave and Megan went to get some more casual photos of the guests chatting to each other and the very talented string trio that played throughout the drinks reception and wedding breakfast.
Whilst the food was being served, Dave and Megan started setting up for the Photo Booth that the bride and groom were very excited about!
All night long the booth was being used and the guests absolutely loved it. With our booths come a complimentary guest book where guests can add a picture with a little message. This is a perfect and different way to remember you day by.

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