Abbie and David – June 22nd 2014

It’s not particularly often that a bride comes to you to ask you to be a part of her wedding at a Zoo. So, when Abbie emailed the team at Dave Spink Photography to enquire about a Marryoke, Wedding Video, and Photo Booth package for her wedding at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, it couldn’t be refused.

The day started out as any other, with a drive from the office in Leeds down to Doncaster. Abbie had chosen not to have the team film her prep, so everyone headed straight across to the Wildlife Park. The Marryoke team were directed in through the gates and taken to the Outlook Gallery Suite, where the very first wedding ceremony at Yorkshire Wildlife Park was to take place.

After greeting the park staff and confirming details of arrivals for both Abbie and her soon-to-be husband David, the team took the opportunity to explore the park and start shooting footage for the wedding video.

The team returned to the Outlook Suite to begin capturing the arrivals of guests, the details of the room, as well as the soon-after arrival of David. The suite steadily filled as the couple’s guests arrived, creating a hum of activity and some choice shots for the Wedding Video. Soon after, word came over the radio of the bride’s imminent arrival, and so the team divided, to join Abbie for her entrance into the Park.

Following a very sweet, simple ceremony, the newlyweds set out into the park to do one thing that all newlyweds should probably do: Feed the lions. The Dave Spink Photography team were able to join Abbie and David as they went ‘behind the scenes’ of the zoo and up to the fence to feed three lionesses. One of the lions – Crystal – took a particular interest in Abbie’s beautiful ballgown-like dress. It’s not very often that there’s opportunity to stand to the side of a couple as they have pictures taken with a lion leaping up behind their heads.

Abbie and David feed the lions at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Once the lions were fed, the next duty was to head past the ‘African Plains’ to the Giraffe House, where the couple were introduced to three very interested giraffes. Admittedly, the trio were probably slightly more interested in the leafy branches that David and Abbie had to offer. The Marryoke team were able to capture a few lines of Abbie and David’s selected Marryoke song (Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – Elton John) with the couple, and the accompanying wildlife. Even members of the park staff got involved!

David and Abbie feed the Giraffes at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

The team then split off into two once again, allowing the wedding video team to continue to capture guests and the couple as they had photographs taken, while the Marryoke team took the time to take guests aside and film marryoke lines with them. With a stunning location like Yorkshire Wildlife Park, both teams were spoiled for choice in scenery and backdrop.

Later in the afternoon, it was time for speeches and the wedding breakfast. The couple and the wedding party returned to the Outlook Suite which had been transformed into a perfect setting for a sit-down meal. The statement colour of orange continued across the tables, and each table was named with an animal that could also be found at the zoo. There was evidently a lot of thought and planning put into everything the couple had chosen, which paid off when everything came together so spectacularly.

All three speeches – from the father of the bride, the groom, and the best man – were short, sweet, and very sentimental. Before long, the Dave Spink Photography team were retiring to go grab their own dinner as the guests tucked into their meal.

The evening seemed to roll around all too quickly. The London Bus Photo Booth that Abbie and David had booked with Dave Spink Photography pulled up, parking in the Tsavo Lodge: the night’s venue. The park was closed to the public for the night, and with the lions roars as they were tucked up in bed, Abbie and David’s evening reception was all set to begin. Evening guests steadily began to arrive and the Marryoke team continued to put together some of the final shots for the song. As a part of the package the couple selected, they also were to receive video messages, so the video team invited guests to stand in front of the camera – with the Wildlife Park spreading into the vast distance behind – to leave a short message for Abbie and David.

Under the twinkling ceiling of the Tsavo Lodge, the full team joined the couple to record their first dance, ensuring not a moment of their magical day was missed. After a little more Marryoke-ing, shooting wrapped, and the video team headed home, leaving Abbie and David to enjoy last few hours of their wedding day.

Abbie and David testing out or Ultimate Booth


Hayley and Robert

This weekend the Dave Spink Photography team headed to the Mercer Hotel in Otley with Photography, videography and even a Photo Booth for the nights celebrations. The day started out slightly rainy but this didn’t put a slow down the team or the happy couples moods. From day one they knew the couple would be a pleasure to work for.
Before the ceremony was to begin, Dave and Megan went to find Rob and his ushers to grab some pre wedding photos before Hayley was to make her grand entrance.  Once Rob was hidden away in the ceremony room Both the Video and Photography team were able to get some footage of the girls together before the ceremony started.
Once thing the mercer hotel has to offer is a lot of space in their ballroom. This helps the team get some nice wide shots without being intrusive.
Thankfully the weather had cleared up during the ceremony and the the blue skies made an appearance so this was great opportunity to get everyone out side and take advantage of the gardens around the back.
As the group shots got smaller and the guests ventured back to the bar the team could now focus on just the bride and groom.
As the sun was now shining we were able to.
The groom had prepared a slide show for everyone to watch filled with photos and memories which everyone could watch after the speeches.
While the room as being changed around, the team saw this opportunity to putt together their new and improved Ultimate Photo Booth.
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Rochelle and Lee, Howley Hall

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This weekend Dave and Megan , award winning leeds photographers attended Rochelle and Lee’s special day at Howley Hall. The team started the day at St Marys church in Morley.
Unfortunately the weather wasn’t looking too good at this point so with that in mind the team needed to work fast and efficiantly to ensure the grooms men all and their photos taken and kept dry before the bride was to make her grand entrance.

A short break in the rain meant Dave and Megan could quickly get some group photos outside the church. With just an hour to spare from the time Rochelle and Lee came out of the church to the time they had to be ready for their wedding breakfast the Dave Spink Photography team headed off to the venue to prepare for the next stages of the day.
As the happy couple arrived, Dave stopped with the vintage style bus to get some more romantic shots of just the two of them whilst Megan photographed all the details of the wedding breakfast rooms.
Luckily a second brief break in the weather meant Rochelle and Lee were able to get a few extra snaps to add to their stunning collation of photos.

Along with photography Rochelle and Lee hired our new ultimate Photo Booth, currently on offer for just £375!
A Photo Booth is a great way to end the night and makes a perfect wedding favour for all your guests as our unique booth can print double prints meaning you also receive a guest book of pictures and messages from the night

If you would like to find out more about our Wedding Photographers and Photobooths please click the links

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27th April 2014 – The Hilton Hotel Sheffield
Tom and Susie are one of the many couples who loved our new state of the art ultimate Photo Booth with over 600 possibilities

25th April 2014
Helen and Ed opted for our increasingly popular green screen Photo Booth at Ringwood Hall

Anglie hall- Waterloo suit – 14th March 2014

Angie Ordered a silver premium booth with strips. By upgrading to premium your guests have the joy of green screen capability,
enabling them to be photographed on all sorts of different backgrounds. Every booth comes with complimentary double prints,
so all your guests go away with a little something to remember your event by!


Kelsey Belmount hotel doncater 9th march green screen
Kelsey booked her Green Screen booth for her wedding on the 9th of March 2014. By opting for Larger prints Her and her guests were all able tot ale home 6×4 prints,
perfect for a little photofrsme to remember the night by. As one of the biggest photo companies around we always are always thinking of new ways to compete with other companies
and soon to be adding a new booth called the ‘ultimate booth’ more Details will be on the website soon


Jamilia the bridge friday 7th march green screen
Jamila booked their green screen Photo Booth for her wedding at the Bridge Hotel in Castleford, West Yorkshire. Our Photo Booths are increasingly popular in and around the yorkshire,
commonly known as on of the best Photo Booth company around! Jamila looked to have an amazing in the Photobooth.


Ben and Heather East Riddelsden Hall

This weekend, these award winning photographers from Leeds were delighted to be returning to East Riddelsden hall. Located in the historical town of Keighley, this 17th century manor house is always a please to be photographing at.To kick start the day, Megan and Dave met their stunning bride; Heather, back at the house photographing her preparations.  Before they got shots of all the bridesmaid’s the Leeds Wedding photographers headed upstairs to photograph her stunning lacey dress looking almost as beautiful hung up as it did on Heather. The dress made a perfect backdrop for all her accessories she was to wear on the day.Prep was unusually calm, no rushing around at all as everything was perfectly organized.  Once Dave and Megan had finished with the preparations, they headed to the closeby church to meet Ben and his groomsmen.It came to their surprise when the vicar allowed both Dave and Megan to photograph anywhere within St Mary’s Horsforth, many people commented on just how welcoming Father Boniface was.   Heather and Ben had organized a local school choir to sing along throughout the hymns, a beautiful touch that really gave the service that something extra!Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too great, so the team kept a few people back to get some photos before heading to East Riddelsden Hall.

 Luckily the rain had stopped by this point meaning a quick run around the gardens with the Happy Couple to make sure they got as many stunning photos as they could before the heavens opened again.  Before long it was time for speeches. At East Riddelsden hall the wedding breakfast is held in an old converted barn just across the lake giving the photos a quirkier feel to them.

Whilst everyone ate, the team started setting up one of our popular photo booths.  Hiring our photo booths can be a perfect end to your special day and a lovely keep sake for your guests as we, unlike most, offer double prints, one for your guests and one for your complimentary guest book provided on the day.


If you’d like to discuss with the team your wedding at East Riddlesden Hall please get in touch either by phone or through our website



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Caroline and Dan – November 3rd 2013

 One of our wedding highlights of 2013 was joining Caroline and Dan for their special day at Rudding Park. It was a wedding video with a difference; it was time for our first official Dave Spink Photography Marryoke video.

The team began their day joining Caroline at her parent’s home near Selby. While half the team focused on beginning the Marryoke with Caroline and her bridesmaids, our second videographer ensured that all of the preperation details that would be a part of the full wedding video would not be missed. The large kitchen played host to the make-up for the bride and her bridesmaids, letting in plenty of morning light. Shooting prep with the bride allowed the team to introduce themselves, and allowed Caroline more time to adjust to being in front of the camera.

As Caroline made her final wedding preparations, the Dave Spink Photography crew packed away the equipment, loaded the van, and headed across to the wedding venue: the stunning Rudding Park in Harrogate. The videographers arrived ahead of the guests, allowing them to film the wedding attendees entering the venue. The couple had selected the Radcliffe Room for the main events of their day. This allowed the team to utilise the space available, ensuring every angle of the wedding was captured.

The couple had transformed the Radcliffe Room to their own tastes. The aisle was lined with a pale carpet, which greeted Caroline and her father with the sentimental inscription of: Dad, of all the walks we have taken, I’ll remember this one forever, Caroline x“. A string quartet played the music for the entrance of the guests – then later, the bride- who walked down to the aisle to a beautiful rendition of A Day Like This by Elbow.  

Caroline and Dan had stamped the day with personality and made it their own; from buttonholes featuring Lego superheroes for the pageboys, arriving in a VW Campervan, to Oscar the three-legged pooch acting as ring bearer, the day was a pleasure to be a part of. Of course, the ceremony didn’t mark the end of the team’s day.

After the bride and groom had taken their first walk together as a married couple, we rejoined them outside the venue for the group photograph. At this point, the team divided once again to continue producing both the wedding video and the Marryoke.

For the Marryoke video, the team approached guests and invited them to take their starring moment in front of the camera.  A variety of outdoor locations were used, to capture what was a beautiful – albeit chilly – day in winter. The team even utilised the VW camper van that Caroline and Dan had arrived in, to capture the spirit of the day.

Meanwhile, our second videographer continued to ensure that not a moment of Caroline and Dan’s day was missed for their video, joining the newlyweds and their photographer as they took shots of the bridal party. The guests later joined the happy couple outside, to throw the confetti in the entranceway.

Soon after, the Wedding Breakfast room was available, and so the videography team ensured that the details in the Radcliffe Room were captured; with tables named after music albums, letters of gratitude from the bride and groom for each guest, disposable cameras on the tables, preserves in jars as wedding favours, and a fantastic cake adorned with purple and peacock feathers.

At Dave Spink Photography, the team strive to ensure that every important moment of the wedding day is caught. From cutting the cake to teary eyes, to the little details hand-selected by the bride and groom. There was an abundance of personality in Caroline and Dan’s day that we ensured was included in both their full-length wedding video and their very quirky marryoke.

Caroline and Dan entered the room and took their seats at the head of the horse-shoe table. After the wedding breakfast was polished off, the speeches began. Proving further that the day was their own, Caroline stood up to make a speech.

Later that evening, the Dave Spink videography team continued to capture different and creative shots with the bride, groom and guests. One of our favourite shots of the day involved Captain Jack Sparrow joining us in the library, singing along from a suspended chair. Another had the bride, her mum, and bridesmaids looking up at the camera.

For the evening reception, Caroline and Dan had also hired one of the Dave Spink Photography Photo Booths, set up in the Drawing Room, alongside a sweets table for the guests. The team wrapped the wedding video with the First Dance(s) – at this wedding Caroline and her father had a special father-daughter dance to Superman by Black Lace – and ensured that the spirit of the evening was captured.

The Marryoke was wrapped soon after, and the team set off home after a fantastic day. Thanks to Caroline and Dan for inviting the team to be a part of their special day. We hope you all enjoy watching the Marryoke above!

Wedding Videographers near Leeds

Hayley and Rob 25th October 2013

The Woodlands hotel Wedding Photographer.

Hayley and Robert decided on a beautiful church service, but before the ceremony was to begin we were to get some stunning photographs of the bridal preparations where her friends, family and bridesmaids all helped Hayley prepare for her big day.
Hanging up elegantly in the Mothers bedroom was her beautiful wedding dress where the Leeds Based Wedding Photographers then continued to take photos of all the accesories that she decided to wear on the day. With just a spot of of hair and makeup to go, she was now ready to head off to the church to meet her nervous husband to be at the alter. When we arrived at Birkenshaw church to continue with more photos we took position ready for the brides arrival where all the guests, including one very nervous one, stood patiently waiting for her. The ceremony took place, the vows were said and the rings were exchanged, they were now husband and wife.
It was now time for the award winning photographers in leeds;Dave Spink Photography team to head over to The Woodlands hotel, one of our favorite  venues and conveniently located just down the road from Megan’s house. Luckily for Hayley and Rob the weather only got brighter as the day went on, despite the unsettling predictions we saw just the night before. There was plenty of time to take lots of lovely natural shots out side as everyone mingled together with a nice glass of champagne and some freshly prepared canapés, that, may I add smelt and looked absolutely delicious.
With just enough time before the wedding breakfast we then decide to now go ahead with the bridal party photos, this time we tried something a little different. The Woodlands wedding photographers had access to one of the hotel rooms meaning they were able to get a shot from above the gardens. The Dave Spink Photography team decided to get the entire wedding party to make a heart shape and then positioned Hayley and Rob in the middle of them all, looking like the happiest couple on the planet. I thought the shot turned out fantastic for a first attempt if  do say so myself!
As everyone started to filter inside we took the opportunity to get some nice romantic photos of just the two of them, one being our famous ‘vail shot’ which a lot of people ask for if they’ve seen our previous work either online or at the photography studio in Farsley.
Now it was time for us to leave them to their Wedding breakfast so they could all stress a little about their speeches.
Following swiftly onto the speeches, they took up position and captured every laugh clap and tear that we could possibly see in order to keep their memory of their formalities freshly in their minds for years to come!
All left to do is the dance and of course our extremely popular PhotoBooth that our events team had the pleasure of attending to. Unsurprisingly by the look of the photos everyone seemed to have a fantastic time.


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Woodlands Wedding Photography –  Woodlands wedding photography – Leeds wedding photography – Leeds Photographer

View more photos at The Woodlands Hotel Wedding Photographer

Gemma and Michael 20th september 2013 at Wentbridge house


Went bridge wedding photography Leeds

On the 20th of September 2013 the Leeds award winning photography teamDave Spink Photography  attended the wedding of Gemma and Michael at Wentbridge house; Which is where the beautiful day begun for Gemma and her bridesmaids preparations.
Luckily for everyone, the room that she got ready in was light, airy and spacious making preparation 10x easier for the team.
The dress was particularly lovely as the netting had an amorous about of detail which draped down beautifully on the hanger, making a perfect backdrop for her accessories.
Once Dave and Megan were done with the girls, they then decided it was time to prise the guys away from their pints and get the photos of just them before the ceremony.
The happy couple had a consistent green theme throughout their day that didn’t only look lovely but was a personal touch to the wedding ceremony room, as the page-boy had chosen a theme of apples for the decorations.

The weather fortunately stayed relatively nice considering it was the middle of september so they took that opportunity to get all the main wedding photography at Went Bridge House done as soon as the ceremony was over.
One of Wentbridge‘s main features is its stone gazebos which worked beautifully with many photos, particularly ones of just the two of them and the smaller bridal party photos
Once all the photos were done they then quickly went round the wedding breakfast room; where the apple theme carried on, and got photos of all the accessories and decorations around the room just in time for them to do make their entrance into the room and have their dinner.

While the wedding guests all ate, Dave and Megan got started on setting up the increasingly popular Photo Booth, all ready for when the night do was to begin.

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Sarah and Michael Crown Bawrty and Bawrty hall 25th August 2013


Crown Bawrty Wedding Photographers Doncaster Yorkshire.

The Crown Bawrty is a small quirky hotel in the middle of Doncaster perfect for those more intimate weddings with not as many guests.
Dave Spink Photography has the pleasure of photographing Sarah and Michaels wedding all day from the Bridal Preparations right up until the night do where they had also hired one of our growingly popular Photobooth’s.
As Sarah was getting her hair and makeup the Dave Spink Photography team went to the bridal suite to take photos of her stunning dress. Luckily the team had a separate room to do all the preparation shots, meaning they weren’t getting in anyones way. However once Sarah had finished, she came into the room for a few quick photos.
Sarahs dress was very un usual, at the back it buttoned up leaving some beautiful openings on her back.
Sarah and Micheal had opted for a summer August wedding, and they certainly weren’t disappointed. The weather all day was bright and beautiful meaning once heading to Bawrty hall for some photos everyone was mingling in the sun and having a great time.
Bawtry hall is a stunning building perfect for them amazing group photos you require on your special day. Located just an arms length away from the Crown Bawrty Hotel you’d be silly not to venuter here for some quick snaps! The Beautiful gardens are the perfect backdrop no matter what the weather and the Crown bawrty wedding photographers could of spent all day there, and luckily Sarah and Michael were more then happy for have a quick walk around. I’m sure they weren’t disappointed with the outcome.
As part of Sarah and Michaels night do at the Crown Bawrty Hotel, they had hired one of Dave Spink Photography’s Award winning photo booths . As the best photo booth hire company in leeds, the team offer un beaten prices, outstanding quality and an experience you certainly wouldn’t want to be missing out on! With the Photo Booth also comes a complimentary photo book so all your guests at what ever event you are holding can stick a photo in and write you a little message. A Priceless gift.

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Tanya and russ 8th of july


Norfolk Wedding photographers based in Leeds

Tanya and Russ’s Big day is a perfect example as to how far Dave spink photography will stretch to please clients as their wedding was held in Norfolk! Not forgetting that this was with the brides preparations, so an early start for the team! Her petite dress had consistent detail throughout, beautifully hung up on the door with the addition of ambient bed side table lights, really adding to the shot.
Tanya and Russ ferried their guests across to the church in a big red old-school bus which Megan also joined them on to get some photos for the journey to the church.
Once they had passed all the hills, windy roads and country side, the Award winning wedding photographers from Leeds team then arrived at the church where Russ nervously awaits for his bride. The church was lovely and bright,  so lots of natural light shun on their faces for the perfect exposure.
Behind the church was a perfect garden area overlooking the church for some quick group shots before heading for the venue.
This wedding was a little different, they actually had their reception in a family members back garden, they has hired a marquee, bar, and even catering all in a garden! Before we arrived at the venue, we stooped off for a few photos on the way and actually saw the bus go passed, so we stopped for a quick photo as well as many other backdrops along the way.
Tanya and Russ actually booked us through a recommendation of a previous client, which is where we get the majority of our booking from!
For the night do, the happy couple opted for one of our much-loved Photobooths! and everyone seemed to have lots of fun, The photo booths are a perfect way to end your wedding reception!

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