Kate and Gavin Wentbridge House


This weekend started out with at Wentbridge House, a venue we visited last september. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t quite as we expected it to be but this didn’t stop the leeds based photographers from getting some stunning shots from this picture perfect venue. Dave and Megan started out with Kate photographing her preparations. Despite the weather Kate seemed calm, collective and ready to meet her husband to be at the alter where Megan was
taking photos of the guys before she was to arrive.
Dave and Megan were not allowed any photography at the front of the church which was a real shame, how ever the team still managed to get some stunning photos from the back. By the time the happy couple and left the church Dave and Megan had noticed that the weather had brightened up for a little while meaning a quick dash back to went bridge ready to get straight back into photos.
Once all the guests were safe in shelter Kate and Gavin along with the team utilised the gardens as much as we could considering the weather.
Before long it was time for the speeches. Wentbridge offers a very generous amount of space in their rooms, meaning when the team photograph the speeches they rant in the way of everyone and can also easily get photos of peoples reactions and the little things happening around the room that the bride and groom may miss.

If you’d like to discuss with the team your wedding at Wentbridge House Hotel please get in touch either by phone or through our website www.davespinkphotography.co.uk

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Gemma and Michael 20th september 2013 at Wentbridge house


Went bridge wedding photography Leeds

On the 20th of September 2013 the Leeds award winning photography teamDave Spink Photography  attended the wedding of Gemma and Michael at Wentbridge house; Which is where the beautiful day begun for Gemma and her bridesmaids preparations.
Luckily for everyone, the room that she got ready in was light, airy and spacious making preparation 10x easier for the team.
The dress was particularly lovely as the netting had an amorous about of detail which draped down beautifully on the hanger, making a perfect backdrop for her accessories.
Once Dave and Megan were done with the girls, they then decided it was time to prise the guys away from their pints and get the photos of just them before the ceremony.
The happy couple had a consistent green theme throughout their day that didn’t only look lovely but was a personal touch to the wedding ceremony room, as the page-boy had chosen a theme of apples for the decorations.

The weather fortunately stayed relatively nice considering it was the middle of september so they took that opportunity to get all the main wedding photography at Went Bridge House done as soon as the ceremony was over.
One of Wentbridge‘s main features is its stone gazebos which worked beautifully with many photos, particularly ones of just the two of them and the smaller bridal party photos
Once all the photos were done they then quickly went round the wedding breakfast room; where the apple theme carried on, and got photos of all the accessories and decorations around the room just in time for them to do make their entrance into the room and have their dinner.

While the wedding guests all ate, Dave and Megan got started on setting up the increasingly popular Photo Booth, all ready for when the night do was to begin.

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