Gemma and Michael 20th september 2013 at Wentbridge house


Went bridge wedding photography Leeds

On the 20th of September 2013 the Leeds award winning photography teamDave Spink Photography  attended the wedding of Gemma and Michael at Wentbridge house; Which is where the beautiful day begun for Gemma and her bridesmaids preparations.
Luckily for everyone, the room that she got ready in was light, airy and spacious making preparation 10x easier for the team.
The dress was particularly lovely as the netting had an amorous about of detail which draped down beautifully on the hanger, making a perfect backdrop for her accessories.
Once Dave and Megan were done with the girls, they then decided it was time to prise the guys away from their pints and get the photos of just them before the ceremony.
The happy couple had a consistent green theme throughout their day that didn’t only look lovely but was a personal touch to the wedding ceremony room, as the page-boy had chosen a theme of apples for the decorations.

The weather fortunately stayed relatively nice considering it was the middle of september so they took that opportunity to get all the main wedding photography at Went Bridge House done as soon as the ceremony was over.
One of Wentbridge‘s main features is its stone gazebos which worked beautifully with many photos, particularly ones of just the two of them and the smaller bridal party photos
Once all the photos were done they then quickly went round the wedding breakfast room; where the apple theme carried on, and got photos of all the accessories and decorations around the room just in time for them to do make their entrance into the room and have their dinner.

While the wedding guests all ate, Dave and Megan got started on setting up the increasingly popular Photo Booth, all ready for when the night do was to begin.

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Catherine and Richard Rogerthorpe Manor 30th August 2013


Cathrine and Richard

Rogerthorpe Manor wedding photographers West Yorkshire Badsworth

On the 30th August 2013, Catherine and Richard had their special day at Rogerthorpe Manor; a venue the wedding photographers from leeds are both familiar with from Laura and Andrews not too long before. However before the team were to head for Rogerthorpe Manor, the Dave Spink Photography team was to meet Catherine back art her house as she was preparing for the day.

Hung up ever so elegantly upstairs was her wonderful wedding dress and all the accessories she was to wear on the day, including a sequence embroidered belt that you don’t really see very often at weddings, however it looked amazing on.
The happy couple decided on a church wedding where everyone was waiting for the beautiful bride to make her appearence.
Once the ceremony was over the team got some quick shots at the front of the church however Catherine and Richard wanted to majority of their photos back to Rodgerthorpe manor, so off to the venue they went.
The Rogerthorpe Manor Photogrpahers pride themselves not their fast and efficient way of doing to group photography, ensuring the bride and groom can get back to their guests as fast as possible without missing out any of the photos they want.
Having been to Rogerthorpe Manor before, Dave and Megan already had an idea of where the best spots were, however they make it their main goal not to just copy what they did at the last wedding. With that in mind, if a bride and groom have ideas of their own or have seen something the team have done before this can also be accommodated for.


Aysha and Michael – September 1st 2013

On September 1st, the Dave Spink Photography team had the opportunity to return to a favourite venue. Aysha and Michael were getting married at the spectacular Oulton Hall, a venue that we’ve frequently visited for photography. This time around, the team were headed out to create a wedding video for the happy couple.

The team arrived early doors to capture the arrival of the guests, who were socialising out on the patio, taking full advantage of the beautiful sunshine. The moments that the Dave Spink Wedding Videographers captured showed some of the stunning colours of the wonderful day.

One of the members of our team was then invited up to the bridal suite to capture the tender moment of the father of the bride seeing Aysha in her wedding dress for the first time, before accompanying the bride downstairs to prepare for her entrance through the grand doorway of the Repton Room.

Meanwhile downstairs, a second member of the team captured the heightened buzz of guests, the growing anticipation on the face of the dapperly-dressed groom: Michael.

Every seat in the room was occupied, eyes fixed on the couple as they exchanged vows and rings. The register was signed, and then the couple took their first walk as a married couple back up the aisle.

The wedding party then convened out in the gardens. A pianist played a medley of songs to set the mood, while champagne was handed out. The video team spread out across the area to unobtrusively capture the moments taking place around them. The beauty of Oulton Hall’s gardens set a beautiful backdrop for Aysha, Michael, and their guests, as they made the most of the wonderful weather.

Our team joined the couple as they had photographs taken, ensuring that they would be able to look back on the joking and laughter that accompanied each still.

As soon as the Wedding Breakfast room was available, one of the members of our team went inside to document all of the unique details chosen by Aysha and Michael to celebrate their special day. From a cake crowned with wooden birds, circus tickets as place-settings, to tables named after animals, the room was transformed completely into their own.

The bride, groom, and guests soon entered the room, taking their seats and looking over the wedding favours, which consisted of a thoughtful playlist of Aysha and Michael’s favourite songs (including Queens Of The Stone Age, Beyonce and Desire, to name a few).

Speeches can often be one of the most humorous times of the day, and Aysha and Michael’s speakers were no exception. One gag from the Best Man included Michael being gifted with a Guitar, that was soon revealed to be a fetching pink ukelele.

Soon, the guests returned outside and the wedding video team joined them, capturing such highlights as the intense games of giant Connect 4 and croquet. Aysha and Michael had also asked for video messages from their guests, so between games, we utilised the stunning backdrop of the gardens to give the newlyweds some touching words from their attendees on their special day.

The bride and groom then took off in style, racing around the Oulton Hall grounds in a golf cart, as their evening guests began to arrive. The Oulton Suite was turned around from Wedding Breakfast to Evening Reception, and the room transformed into perfect evening venue, with soft-purple lit walls, golden caged candles, and star-like lights twinkling above.

For the Dave Spink Photography video team, the evening drew to a close after the cutting of the cake and a slow, sentimental first dance.

The wedding was beautiful, and we were honoured to be a part of such a special day for the couple. We hope you enjoy watching their day above, as much as we enjoyed watching it unfold.

Wedding Videographers near Leeds

Anna and Wayne 29th August 2013 at East Riddlesden Hall

East Riddlesden Hall wedding photographers 2013

Anna and Wayne had their wedding at East Riddleden Hall in West yorkshire, and Dave spink photography had the pleasure of photographing it on this beautiful august weekend. Anna and Wayne went for our most popular all day package starting right from the brides preparations until the dance.
The preparations were just as you would expect, hectic to say the least, everyone rushing around trying to get everything organised and perfect ready for the big day.
Anna herself was pretty calm, she just left the team to get the photos of her dress while she was downstairs doing the finishing touches to her look.
The bridesmaid dressed were a beautiful bright purple colour, perfect again to get our favourite colour popping effect in there!
Anna and Wayne decided on a traditional church wedding, where they went to meet the guys for their pre ceremony shots.
But the Leeds based wedding photographers did the majority of the group photos were done at East Riddlesden, the perfect picturesque backdrop for all your much-needed group photos, and not to forget the more romantic photos.
East riddlesen was defiantly a venue to take advantage of when it comes down to the photos, they have the lake, beautiful gardens, a barn and all sorts of different quirky areas to get lost in. The happy couple opted for a vintage VW camper van for their wedding car, which went beautifully in the big group shots swell as the photos of just the two of them.
With the weather staying warm, this was a fantastic chance to get out and get some of the more natural shots, of people having a good time, drinking, mingling and congratulating the bride and groom before heading into the wedding breakfast room to get the detail shots.

Anna had a keen interest in music, so all around the room was music notes and anything do with composing music which was a lovely personal touch, and this carried on throughout the day when it came to the night do and she sand a beautiful song as a surprise for her husband.

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