Claire and Micheal Consiton Hall 2nd Spetember


On the 9th of September the Dave Spink photography team headed over to the stunning Coniston Hall for Claire and Michaels special day. The weather was beautiful and everyone was all looking forward to the stunning brides entrance, but before the ceremony was to begin the award winning photographers form leeds got some quick snaps of Michael and his Groomsmen. Michael was all together and didn’t seem nervous at all, but when he saw how beautiful his bride look that was all to change. His smile went on for miles. With the stunning views of Consiton hall, taking photos their was easy.
The best thing about a sunny wedding is that everyone likes to have a drink outside and you get some of them extra photos of the kids running around, please mingle and generally a really nice atmosphere to the day. And as leeds photographers these are the photos they get best.
Once the group photography was over with, these photographers from Leeds went for a wonder around the venue and a near by park all of which came out beautifully and the happy couple loved them all.

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