Ben and Heather East Riddelsden Hall

This weekend, these award winning photographers from Leeds were delighted to be returning to East Riddelsden hall. Located in the historical town of Keighley, this 17th century manor house is always a please to be photographing at.To kick start the day, Megan and Dave met their stunning bride; Heather, back at the house photographing her preparations.  Before they got shots of all the bridesmaid’s the Leeds Wedding photographers headed upstairs to photograph her stunning lacey dress looking almost as beautiful hung up as it did on Heather. The dress made a perfect backdrop for all her accessories she was to wear on the day.Prep was unusually calm, no rushing around at all as everything was perfectly organized.  Once Dave and Megan had finished with the preparations, they headed to the closeby church to meet Ben and his groomsmen.It came to their surprise when the vicar allowed both Dave and Megan to photograph anywhere within St Mary’s Horsforth, many people commented on just how welcoming Father Boniface was.   Heather and Ben had organized a local school choir to sing along throughout the hymns, a beautiful touch that really gave the service that something extra!Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too great, so the team kept a few people back to get some photos before heading to East Riddelsden Hall.

 Luckily the rain had stopped by this point meaning a quick run around the gardens with the Happy Couple to make sure they got as many stunning photos as they could before the heavens opened again.  Before long it was time for speeches. At East Riddelsden hall the wedding breakfast is held in an old converted barn just across the lake giving the photos a quirkier feel to them.

Whilst everyone ate, the team started setting up one of our popular photo booths.  Hiring our photo booths can be a perfect end to your special day and a lovely keep sake for your guests as we, unlike most, offer double prints, one for your guests and one for your complimentary guest book provided on the day.


If you’d like to discuss with the team your wedding at East Riddlesden Hall please get in touch either by phone or through our website



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Anna and Wayne 29th August 2013 at East Riddlesden Hall

East Riddlesden Hall wedding photographers 2013

Anna and Wayne had their wedding at East Riddleden Hall in West yorkshire, and Dave spink photography had the pleasure of photographing it on this beautiful august weekend. Anna and Wayne went for our most popular all day package starting right from the brides preparations until the dance.
The preparations were just as you would expect, hectic to say the least, everyone rushing around trying to get everything organised and perfect ready for the big day.
Anna herself was pretty calm, she just left the team to get the photos of her dress while she was downstairs doing the finishing touches to her look.
The bridesmaid dressed were a beautiful bright purple colour, perfect again to get our favourite colour popping effect in there!
Anna and Wayne decided on a traditional church wedding, where they went to meet the guys for their pre ceremony shots.
But the Leeds based wedding photographers did the majority of the group photos were done at East Riddlesden, the perfect picturesque backdrop for all your much-needed group photos, and not to forget the more romantic photos.
East riddlesen was defiantly a venue to take advantage of when it comes down to the photos, they have the lake, beautiful gardens, a barn and all sorts of different quirky areas to get lost in. The happy couple opted for a vintage VW camper van for their wedding car, which went beautifully in the big group shots swell as the photos of just the two of them.
With the weather staying warm, this was a fantastic chance to get out and get some of the more natural shots, of people having a good time, drinking, mingling and congratulating the bride and groom before heading into the wedding breakfast room to get the detail shots.

Anna had a keen interest in music, so all around the room was music notes and anything do with composing music which was a lovely personal touch, and this carried on throughout the day when it came to the night do and she sand a beautiful song as a surprise for her husband.

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