Ruth and Billy 14th of August 2013 at Woodhalls Hotel and Spa


Woodhalls Wedding Photographers leeds. 
On the 14th of August 2013 award winning photographers attended Ruth and Billy’s wedding day.
The day started out bright and warm perfect summer weather for the newly weds.
Not long before ruth and billy’s wedding day, the Dave Spink photography team had purchased some portable studio lights, so this was a perfect time to test how good they were. One photo in particular being the one just above of Ruth’s dress.
The colour theme that they went with was a very bright blue, meaning the perfect opportunity to colour pop some one the photos back in the studio as shown on the photo below.
This wedding in particular shows what the team can do with prep, broadcasting Woodhalls wedding photographer’s unique talents down to a T, enabling the Leeds based photographers to capture all the special moments that happen before the day has even started and making your memories stretch that extra mile.
It was now time to meet Billy and his guys at the stunning Woodhalls Hotel. You might have noticed that when taking photos of the Guys, that there wasn’t just guys in the photos, in fact Billy had picked un traditionally a lady best man, or as billy had said ” A best women”

This was a lovely personal touch to the day as they had bought her a matching grey dress to go with the rest of the grooms men’s suits. 
Woodhalls have a massive ceremony room, giving us the freedom to get what ever we need without causing any distractions and helping the Dave Spink Photography team to get lots of wide shots of the brides entrance.
With it being the middle of August the team had a good idea as to how the weather would pan out, however this is England, very un predictable. So after a few minutes of mingling and getting natural photography, they went straight to the group shots.
Woodhall’s provided amazing views so the photos came out stunning!
When visiting such a magnificent venue, the team like to make the most of it and get as many backdrops as they can think of, and here at Woodhall’s they certainly weren’t stuck for choice.
As ruth and billy relaxed with their guests Dave and Megan went to have a look around the room and the attention to detail had certainly stayed consistent throughout the whole day, which defiantly didn’t go un noticed with the rest of the guests, as they all filtered into the room ready for their wedding breakfast and more importantly, speeches.

As part of Ruth and Billy’s wedding package they were able to have a slide show for their night do of all the best photos for just £50 extra! This is a really good way to start your night do, as everyone soon filters in eager to see all the photographs from the day. It also gives you an idea as so what sort of photos you will be receiving once edited and done.

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