Hayley and dan Woodlands Hotel 29th september

The Woodlands Hotel photographers

Hayley and Dan had their wedding at Dave Spink photography’s very familiar wedding venue The Woodlands Hotel, a venue Dave and Megan have a lot of experience with and is considered one of their favourite in the area and are always happy to get enquires for it.
Hayley started out firstly at her house where she was getting ready for her big day, her dress was beautiful, gems embroidered onto the front and gorgeous netting that hung down effortlessly. The bridesmaid dresses were bright purple so again lovely for one of our favourite colour popping photos as shown below, an effect we get asked to do on a regular basis, and what a picture it made. The bride accessorised with earrings, a necklace a stunning head-piece to finish the look, not forgetting her gorgeous Pandora bracelet! Before long she was ready to get some quick snaps with her girls and head off to the Church. Hayley had opted for a vintage style VW camper van, they are becoming increasingly popular and bring something a little different to the day as a-posed to the regular cars we see.
Woodlands wedding photographers from leeds had arrived at the church they went for a little wonder around, trying to familiarise themselves with the surroundings , to make pictures later go as quick and painless as possible.
Considering the time of year, the weather actually stayed very nice, lots of lovely, bright winter sun, perfect for some natural photos outside, but not too many! Wouldn’t want anyone to freeze! Before the ceremony was to begin, Dave and Megan went to hunt down the guys for their pre ceremony shots! None of which looked too nervous, but as per, it was a different story when he saw his gorgeous bride making her entrance, and what an entrance it was, not a dry eye in the house. Breath taking.
Tears were shed, rings were exchanged and the vows were made, they were now husband and wife! Time to get The Woodlands hotel and spa!
The couple arrived after everyone else in their funky VW camper van, with their heads poking out of the root top, looking happier then ever! the photos were a pleasure to do, everyone was happy and the day went perfectly, guests stayed outside for a nice drink meaning more stunning natural shots for the happy couple. With the sun shining so beautifully on the day, it meant during the photos of the bridal party the team managed to capture natural lens flare across many of the photos, bringing something a little bit different and artistic to the day.
Although The Woodlands isn’t the biggest venue in the world, you’d be surprised as to how many different backdrops you can find, so when the team came to getting the photos of the two of them, they soon found themselves with many different shots and poses, a personal favourite being by the big stone stairs in the gardens.
Dave spink photography aren’t part timers, it was now time for them to head to the wedding breakfast up to the reception, so it was an all day one for the team today! The Woodlands hotel have their wedding breakfast/receptions in their unique marquee which works well in both winter and summer! inside its bright and airy meaning no need to harsh flash when doing the speeches , just lovely natural lighting in many cases!
as for the night do, they light the place with beautiful chandeliers casting a stunning ambient light. Also shows very well on Hayley and Robs blog as well!

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