Carys and Chris 14th of February 2014 at Oulton Hall


This Weekend on the extremely popular Valentines day, The Dave Spink Photography team visited Oulton Hall for the wedding of Carys and Chris. The happy couple had the pleasure of these Leeds Based Wedding Photographers all day long as each package offers full day wedding coverage for all our weddings, meaning no moments throughout the day are missed.
Prep is always one of more hectic times of the day when it comes to weddings, however Carys seemed calm, collective and organised which is quite unusual for this time of the day.
Once finished with prep the team headed down to Oulton Hall where the girls had a few snaps outside this 5* venue. We were slightly delayed due to a few tears being shed.
It came to a surprise that the famous singer ‘Newton Faulkner‘ was actually staying at the hotel at the time, but we didn’t end up pestering him for photos, I’m sure he had other things to do! Maybe next time!
Carys and Chris had the unlucky English weather against them, but it didn’t stop these Award Winning Wedding Photographers from Leeds getting some amazing photos, which can be quite difficult when it comes to the bigger group shots. With the bonus of Oulton Halls inside balcony, it didn’t become a problem in the end. It always makes a difference on the day when you have got to know the Bride and Groom a little bit prior to the wedding day, so if possible at Dave Spink Photography we try to hold 2 meetings where you can talk about whats happening on your day, timings, and what the team can expect. This is also a great opportunity to look at our previous work and gather some ideas for what photos you may want specifically on the day, or even view our other services such as Vidography and our increasingly popular Photo booth’s.

Oulton hall offers a huge room for your evening celebrations plenty of room for a buffet, band and plenty of dancing.

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Michelle and Gavin Oulton hall 29th December 2013


Oulton Hall wedding photographers West Yorkshire.
On the 29th of December 2013, the Dave Spink Photography team attended the wedding of Michelle and Gavin at the stunning venue Oulton hall in Rothwell, Leeds.
Oulton is a venue that the award winning wedding photographers  have been to a lot not just with photography but with videography and photo booths as well, in fact we did our first ever photo booth here back in 2012.
Having being here before, Dave and Megan knew exactly of all the key spots for all the best photos, but as they like to make every wedding individual they thought it was a good idea to refresh their minds and take a wonder around anyway.
Although the team had been here before , Dave and Megan have never attended the preparations of the bride at Oulton hall, so this was a nice change for the two of them, and also gave them an opportunity to visit the rooms Oulton hall has to offer.

The day started out pretty calm. As the bride was getting pampered with hair and makeup, the team got on with taking photos of the little details like the dress and rings and beautiful flowers that were prepared my Emma home and garden florist based in shipley
One photo that particularly stands out from the preparation photos is the rings on the Christmas tree, its something the team haven’t done before.
Before the ceremony was to begin, we quickly got some shots of the stairs and handed the girls over to the staff so they could escort them to the ceremony room, ready for the entrance.
As entertainment throughout the day the bride and groom has opted for a fantastic wedding singer songwriter and acoustic artist from Bradford named Jill Ryder to perform through before the ceremony and during the group photographs.  We highly recommend Jill, Dave himself booked her for his own wedding.
The happy couple, despite the time of year picked a prefect day to get married with regards to the weather so when it came to pictures, though it was chilli the sun was shining beautifully trees so the pictures came out lovely with a nice warm white balance to them almost giving the illusion of warm weather even before editing!
Mainly for photos of just the two of them, the team went inside mainly due to keeping the bride and groom nice and warm as it was extremely cold outside!
It was now time to leave the bride and groom to mingle with their guests while the Dave Spink Photography team ventured into the room to get all the detail shots. At Dave Spink photography, they like to take a lot of interest into getting photos of the room, because its time part of the day most people forget first.
At Oulton they have a separate room for their reception and Michelle and Gavin decided to have a band for theirs which was a lovely touch.

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Aysha and Michael – September 1st 2013

On September 1st, the Dave Spink Photography team had the opportunity to return to a favourite venue. Aysha and Michael were getting married at the spectacular Oulton Hall, a venue that we’ve frequently visited for photography. This time around, the team were headed out to create a wedding video for the happy couple.

The team arrived early doors to capture the arrival of the guests, who were socialising out on the patio, taking full advantage of the beautiful sunshine. The moments that the Dave Spink Wedding Videographers captured showed some of the stunning colours of the wonderful day.

One of the members of our team was then invited up to the bridal suite to capture the tender moment of the father of the bride seeing Aysha in her wedding dress for the first time, before accompanying the bride downstairs to prepare for her entrance through the grand doorway of the Repton Room.

Meanwhile downstairs, a second member of the team captured the heightened buzz of guests, the growing anticipation on the face of the dapperly-dressed groom: Michael.

Every seat in the room was occupied, eyes fixed on the couple as they exchanged vows and rings. The register was signed, and then the couple took their first walk as a married couple back up the aisle.

The wedding party then convened out in the gardens. A pianist played a medley of songs to set the mood, while champagne was handed out. The video team spread out across the area to unobtrusively capture the moments taking place around them. The beauty of Oulton Hall’s gardens set a beautiful backdrop for Aysha, Michael, and their guests, as they made the most of the wonderful weather.

Our team joined the couple as they had photographs taken, ensuring that they would be able to look back on the joking and laughter that accompanied each still.

As soon as the Wedding Breakfast room was available, one of the members of our team went inside to document all of the unique details chosen by Aysha and Michael to celebrate their special day. From a cake crowned with wooden birds, circus tickets as place-settings, to tables named after animals, the room was transformed completely into their own.

The bride, groom, and guests soon entered the room, taking their seats and looking over the wedding favours, which consisted of a thoughtful playlist of Aysha and Michael’s favourite songs (including Queens Of The Stone Age, Beyonce and Desire, to name a few).

Speeches can often be one of the most humorous times of the day, and Aysha and Michael’s speakers were no exception. One gag from the Best Man included Michael being gifted with a Guitar, that was soon revealed to be a fetching pink ukelele.

Soon, the guests returned outside and the wedding video team joined them, capturing such highlights as the intense games of giant Connect 4 and croquet. Aysha and Michael had also asked for video messages from their guests, so between games, we utilised the stunning backdrop of the gardens to give the newlyweds some touching words from their attendees on their special day.

The bride and groom then took off in style, racing around the Oulton Hall grounds in a golf cart, as their evening guests began to arrive. The Oulton Suite was turned around from Wedding Breakfast to Evening Reception, and the room transformed into perfect evening venue, with soft-purple lit walls, golden caged candles, and star-like lights twinkling above.

For the Dave Spink Photography video team, the evening drew to a close after the cutting of the cake and a slow, sentimental first dance.

The wedding was beautiful, and we were honoured to be a part of such a special day for the couple. We hope you enjoy watching their day above, as much as we enjoyed watching it unfold.

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Elizabeth and Joe 10th August at Oulton Hall

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Oulton hall photographers 2012

Oulton hall? What a fantastic backdrop for all your desired photos. One of venues we are very familiar with the award winning wedding photographers from Leeds when photographing your special day. With everything to offer, be that by the water fall, on the front gravel, or even some sneaky shots inside on the magnificent stair case, lots of things to take advantage of and at Elizabeth’s and Joe’s day that’s certainly what the team did.
However before heading to Oulton they were to start the day back at Elizabeth and Joe’s where the bride was preparing for the day.
Elizabeth wore this gorgeous  fitted vintage style dress which hung beautifully has the Oulton Hall wedding photographers began to take photos of all the accessories and details that were to be worn on the day. When meeting the guys at St peters Church , they all seemed pretty calm and collective, however this was soon to change when Joe saw his stunning bride make her entrance down the aisle with nothing but a massive smile on her face, perfect for some snaps.
It was soon time to get all the guests down to Oulton Hall ready for their wedding breakfast and reception, but before settling down we went to get the group shots; making sure they were taking advantage of all that Oulton had to offer.
After getting lots of shots of the two of them Dave, Megan and Emily ran round the Wedding Breakfast room to grab all the decorations laid out on the tables; the part of the day many people may not have remembered as well as the rest, so we try to get as many photos as possible to try keep them memories fresh in your mind. All speeches were well thought out, emotional and extremely funny, something the team always enjoy as it means they can get lots of photos of people laughing and having a good time!
The room worked really well for photos when taking photos of the dance, the checkered look was amazing when converting the photos to black and white, it brought a vintage look to the photos.
At dave spink photography we have packages to fit everyone, we can stay all day right from the brides preparations all the way to the dance, so you don’t miss a thing!

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