Kate and Charles Allerton Castle and Swinton Park

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This weekend the Video and photography team visited two of Yorkshires more luxurious wedding venues all in the same day. 2 hours before the day was to begin, the teams split up into two, with Emily and Dave meeting Kate and Charles at Swinton park for their preparations and Claire and Megan meeting The boys at the church. Back at Swinton park the team had their work cut out with over 2 hours to take advantage of the stunning grounds this 5* Yorkshire  Wedding venue has to offer. Its not often that the Video and the Photography team get asked to photograph the grooms preparations, but with Charles laid back and friendly nature it became apparent that the day would be filled with fun, laughter and stunning photo opportunities.
When faced with such stunning surroundings, its easy to loose track of time so before they knew it, it was time to head over to the church for the ceremony. Unfortunately the day before the wedding the vicar told the bride and groom that they couldn’t have ceremony video any more and no photography at the front, however with the teams persuadive ways, they still managed to get some quality footage at the back. Its always worth double and triple checking with your church because many of them have different rules.
After the ceremony, the team left Kate and Charles to be congratulated whilst setting up for the confetti shot but then it was straight to Allerton castle where the award winning photographers and videographers prepared for the rest of the photos.
Allerton is a stunning castle in North Yorkshire perfect for a luxurious wedding filled with class. Offering plenty of photographic opportunities this venue is perfect rain or shine, but luckily despite the rain just a night before Kate and Charles had a stunning summers day the weather stayed perfect all day.
The happy couple had organised a string quartet and canapés for their drinks reception which was perfect outside in the sun and made well for some of the more casual photos and footage that the team love to get.
Kate and charles had thought a lot about what photos and had a few meetings with Dave to discuss their needs, they work together to make the most out of their special day which is always beneficial to the end results.
Once the formal shots were out of the way, both the video and the photography team took the wedding  party for a short walk around the grounds and got some smaller group photos. Then they  had time to focus just on the picture perfect Kate and Charles for their more romantic photos.
Both of them seemed to be no stranger to the camera as they posed for photos.

As the meal was later in the day starting late evening, the evening party followed straight after and the happy couple gathered guests after a quick chance into their dancing shoes. Kate and Charles had been practicing their favourite Strictly come Dancing routine An American Smooth for months and even bought Kate a different dress to perform it in.
It was a great way to end the night everyone seemed impressed at their confidence and not to mention their 3 incredible lifts!

If you’d like to discuss with the team your wedding at Swinton Park or Allerton Castle please get in touch either by phone or through our website www.davespinkphotography.co.uk

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Kelly and James 1st of June 2013

Allerton Castle Wedding Photographers and Videographers

These Allerton castle wedding photographers based in leeds, had the massive pleasure of photographing and filming Kelly and James beautiful wedding at the stunning Allerton Castle.
The Dave Spink Photography team are farely new to wedding videos at this time but still were very impressed with our footage knowing the award winning photographers  could take advantage of all that Allerton Castle had to offer.
The team started the day with the Kelly’s preparations in a nearby hotel, but carried on with the photos in the best room Allerton Castle had the offer, not the mention the best room they’ve seen during prep.

The atmosphere being very calm and collective, so prep was an ease for the wedding photographers from Leeds, meaning they were able make the most of the setting. Once the Dave Spink Photography had finished with the dress they left Kelly to her bridesmaids and went to take photos of the guys. The ceremony room was like something you’d see in the movies, an amazing balcony looking down onto all the guests curving round to a grand stair case which Kelly and her bridesmaids all followed round and made their arrival to the hall with every eye in the room on them. We’d seen nothing like it in all the years doing wedding photography.When it came to going outside, the Allerton Castle wedding Photographers could have spent hours going round the amazing grounds, but they had a job to do! Time for the group shots!
With so much space to work with we were able to use a lot of different settings which is something that doesn’t usually happen, so I’m sure they were happy with the different selection of photos.

While everyone took their seats in the wedding breakfast room the Dave Spink Photography all snuck out to take some photos of just the two of them, again we could have spent hours, even just picking a few for this blog was hard enough! One thing I particularly remember about this wedding is the speeches, the room was absolutely beautiful, the decorations were so perfectly picked out and everything just seemed to fit. The natural light shun on their faces as if it was planned that way, so the photos came out lovely and light! Along with Photography and Videography we also took one of our very popular photo booths bases in leeds which was a perfect end to a perfect day.
Here is a link to our YouTube page where you can view Kelly and James Highlights.
We hope you Enjoy

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