Abbie and David – June 22nd 2014

It’s not particularly often that a bride comes to you to ask you to be a part of her wedding at a Zoo. So, when Abbie emailed the team at Dave Spink Photography to enquire about a Marryoke, Wedding Video, and Photo Booth package for her wedding at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, it couldn’t be refused.

The day started out as any other, with a drive from the office in Leeds down to Doncaster. Abbie had chosen not to have the team film her prep, so everyone headed straight across to the Wildlife Park. The Marryoke team were directed in through the gates and taken to the Outlook Gallery Suite, where the very first wedding ceremony at Yorkshire Wildlife Park was to take place.

After greeting the park staff and confirming details of arrivals for both Abbie and her soon-to-be husband David, the team took the opportunity to explore the park and start shooting footage for the wedding video.

The team returned to the Outlook Suite to begin capturing the arrivals of guests, the details of the room, as well as the soon-after arrival of David. The suite steadily filled as the couple’s guests arrived, creating a hum of activity and some choice shots for the Wedding Video. Soon after, word came over the radio of the bride’s imminent arrival, and so the team divided, to join Abbie for her entrance into the Park.

Following a very sweet, simple ceremony, the newlyweds set out into the park to do one thing that all newlyweds should probably do: Feed the lions. The Dave Spink Photography team were able to join Abbie and David as they went ‘behind the scenes’ of the zoo and up to the fence to feed three lionesses. One of the lions – Crystal – took a particular interest in Abbie’s beautiful ballgown-like dress. It’s not very often that there’s opportunity to stand to the side of a couple as they have pictures taken with a lion leaping up behind their heads.

Abbie and David feed the lions at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Once the lions were fed, the next duty was to head past the ‘African Plains’ to the Giraffe House, where the couple were introduced to three very interested giraffes. Admittedly, the trio were probably slightly more interested in the leafy branches that David and Abbie had to offer. The Marryoke team were able to capture a few lines of Abbie and David’s selected Marryoke song (Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – Elton John) with the couple, and the accompanying wildlife. Even members of the park staff got involved!

David and Abbie feed the Giraffes at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

The team then split off into two once again, allowing the wedding video team to continue to capture guests and the couple as they had photographs taken, while the Marryoke team took the time to take guests aside and film marryoke lines with them. With a stunning location like Yorkshire Wildlife Park, both teams were spoiled for choice in scenery and backdrop.

Later in the afternoon, it was time for speeches and the wedding breakfast. The couple and the wedding party returned to the Outlook Suite which had been transformed into a perfect setting for a sit-down meal. The statement colour of orange continued across the tables, and each table was named with an animal that could also be found at the zoo. There was evidently a lot of thought and planning put into everything the couple had chosen, which paid off when everything came together so spectacularly.

All three speeches – from the father of the bride, the groom, and the best man – were short, sweet, and very sentimental. Before long, the Dave Spink Photography team were retiring to go grab their own dinner as the guests tucked into their meal.

The evening seemed to roll around all too quickly. The London Bus Photo Booth that Abbie and David had booked with Dave Spink Photography pulled up, parking in the Tsavo Lodge: the night’s venue. The park was closed to the public for the night, and with the lions roars as they were tucked up in bed, Abbie and David’s evening reception was all set to begin. Evening guests steadily began to arrive and the Marryoke team continued to put together some of the final shots for the song. As a part of the package the couple selected, they also were to receive video messages, so the video team invited guests to stand in front of the camera – with the Wildlife Park spreading into the vast distance behind – to leave a short message for Abbie and David.

Under the twinkling ceiling of the Tsavo Lodge, the full team joined the couple to record their first dance, ensuring not a moment of their magical day was missed. After a little more Marryoke-ing, shooting wrapped, and the video team headed home, leaving Abbie and David to enjoy last few hours of their wedding day.

Abbie and David testing out or Ultimate Booth


Kate and Charles Allerton Castle and Swinton Park

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This weekend the Video and photography team visited two of Yorkshires more luxurious wedding venues all in the same day. 2 hours before the day was to begin, the teams split up into two, with Emily and Dave meeting Kate and Charles at Swinton park for their preparations and Claire and Megan meeting The boys at the church. Back at Swinton park the team had their work cut out with over 2 hours to take advantage of the stunning grounds this 5* Yorkshire  Wedding venue has to offer. Its not often that the Video and the Photography team get asked to photograph the grooms preparations, but with Charles laid back and friendly nature it became apparent that the day would be filled with fun, laughter and stunning photo opportunities.
When faced with such stunning surroundings, its easy to loose track of time so before they knew it, it was time to head over to the church for the ceremony. Unfortunately the day before the wedding the vicar told the bride and groom that they couldn’t have ceremony video any more and no photography at the front, however with the teams persuadive ways, they still managed to get some quality footage at the back. Its always worth double and triple checking with your church because many of them have different rules.
After the ceremony, the team left Kate and Charles to be congratulated whilst setting up for the confetti shot but then it was straight to Allerton castle where the award winning photographers and videographers prepared for the rest of the photos.
Allerton is a stunning castle in North Yorkshire perfect for a luxurious wedding filled with class. Offering plenty of photographic opportunities this venue is perfect rain or shine, but luckily despite the rain just a night before Kate and Charles had a stunning summers day the weather stayed perfect all day.
The happy couple had organised a string quartet and canapés for their drinks reception which was perfect outside in the sun and made well for some of the more casual photos and footage that the team love to get.
Kate and charles had thought a lot about what photos and had a few meetings with Dave to discuss their needs, they work together to make the most out of their special day which is always beneficial to the end results.
Once the formal shots were out of the way, both the video and the photography team took the wedding  party for a short walk around the grounds and got some smaller group photos. Then they  had time to focus just on the picture perfect Kate and Charles for their more romantic photos.
Both of them seemed to be no stranger to the camera as they posed for photos.

As the meal was later in the day starting late evening, the evening party followed straight after and the happy couple gathered guests after a quick chance into their dancing shoes. Kate and Charles had been practicing their favourite Strictly come Dancing routine An American Smooth for months and even bought Kate a different dress to perform it in.
It was a great way to end the night everyone seemed impressed at their confidence and not to mention their 3 incredible lifts!

If you’d like to discuss with the team your wedding at Swinton Park or Allerton Castle please get in touch either by phone or through our website

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Hayley and Robert

This weekend the Dave Spink Photography team headed to the Mercer Hotel in Otley with Photography, videography and even a Photo Booth for the nights celebrations. The day started out slightly rainy but this didn’t put a slow down the team or the happy couples moods. From day one they knew the couple would be a pleasure to work for.
Before the ceremony was to begin, Dave and Megan went to find Rob and his ushers to grab some pre wedding photos before Hayley was to make her grand entrance.  Once Rob was hidden away in the ceremony room Both the Video and Photography team were able to get some footage of the girls together before the ceremony started.
Once thing the mercer hotel has to offer is a lot of space in their ballroom. This helps the team get some nice wide shots without being intrusive.
Thankfully the weather had cleared up during the ceremony and the the blue skies made an appearance so this was great opportunity to get everyone out side and take advantage of the gardens around the back.
As the group shots got smaller and the guests ventured back to the bar the team could now focus on just the bride and groom.
As the sun was now shining we were able to.
The groom had prepared a slide show for everyone to watch filled with photos and memories which everyone could watch after the speeches.
While the room as being changed around, the team saw this opportunity to putt together their new and improved Ultimate Photo Booth.
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Laila & David – Waterton Park 10th May 2014

This week our video team had the privilege of visiting one of our favourite wedding settings, Waterton Park for the marriage of Laila and David.
The day began filming the bride to be, Liala,  getting ready in the hotel which looks out over the beautiful view of Walton Hall surrounded by a lake in which the evening reception would take place later on.
As one of the team stayed with Liala and her bridesmaids, our other videographer went to meet with a slightly nervous looking groom over at Walton Hall.
As the morning went on the beautiful weather provided a great opportunity to get some establishing shots of the venue and grounds while guests began to arrive.
The ceremony took place inside the hotel, where love for the bride and groom became increasingly obvious with tears of joy from family and friends throughout. Our videographers were also able to capture these moments during the 2 readings prepared by guests.
After the ceremony the team began to film the guests making their way over the bridge towards Walton Hall where group photos were taken.
A little later the beautiful setting of the lake made a great backdrop for shots of the bride and now much more relaxed groom on their own. Meanwhile,  the large grounds made it possible to capture lots of natural shots of the guests chatting as they watched the couple.
Unfortunately the good weather came to and end as rain began to pour,  sending the guests inside for the wedding breakfast and speeches.
After which a brave bride and groom ventured outside again, this time with 2 white umbrellas to finish having their photos taken in a sheltered stone archway overlooking the lake.
The light shining through the dark rainclouds made for some really interesting and unique shots which the team really enjoyed capturing as Laila and David posed under the archway.
The package Laila and David chose included Video Messages, which allows the bride and groom to look back at messages from guests on their day. Whilst one of the video team started to film details of the evening reception, the other started to collect messages from family and friends as they arrived.
The team then regrouped to film the final part of the day – the first dance. However this time it included a slightly less common celebration directly afterwards in which the bride and groom were joined by family members in a very happy and energetic traditional dance.
Overall the day was filled with lots of unique and personal touches which combined with the lovely setting made the day a pleasure to be part of.
If you’d like to find our more about our wedding videographers at Dave Spink Photography please click the link

Leanne and Steven Marryoke and Video at The Woodlands Hotel

This weekend at the woodlands hotel the Dave Spink Photography team did a wedding video and Marryoke for the funny, outgoings and energetic Leanne and Steven.
These award wining videographers started the day at Leanne’s mums house, videoing her preparations as she got ready for the big day! But feeling a little nervous she has mentioned before she only wanted a little bit of videoing don’t at this stage of the day so they then made their way down to the church to prepare for the her grand entrance. From day one of booking they thought the idea of a Marryoke was a wonderful idea and a perfect addition to their special day so couldn’t wait to get planning with some ideas on the day.
The team were delighted to hear that their song choice was ‘Pharrell Williams – Happy’ which is a much loved song in the office and they couldn’t wait to started.
Prior to the day Dave and Megan spent a lot of time gathering ideas for each line making it easier to organise on the day and making sure that doing the Marryoke wouldn’t disrupt the actual flow of the day.  Considering the weather conditions just the day before, we were all surprised to see that the sun made an appearance but this was great as it meant while it was light out, they  could get footage outside in the stunning grounds of The Woodlands Hotel in Gildersome. The team were pleased to hear that all the guests were told prior to the wedding that they were having a Marryoke and explained what one was so all guests got right into it and enjoyed joining in on the fun.
One of the guests actually brought  minion teddy, so that made a little appearance as well in reference to the ‘Despicable Me’ Movie.
As the night went on and the sun set all that was left was to get a few clips on the dance floor. The DJ made an announcement saying that he was going to play the ‘Happy’ song and immediately people got on the dance floor and started singing along which looked great on the end result.

Lindsey and Lee – The Marriot Hotel 11th April 2014


This weekend was a very busy couple of days for the Team at Dave Spink Photography from Leeds. Lindsey and Lee celebrated their special day at the beautiful Marriott Hotel in Manchester. Before heading to the church the Videography and Photography teams met Lindsey to capture her preparations. Back at the Church Megan and Abbie were getting shots of the church, photos of the groomsmen and guests arriving. Lindsey and Lee were both extremely lucky as the weather was beautiful throughout the whole day meaning lots of natural photos of people having a good time in the sun.
Whilst waiting for the brides grand entrance, they started to get ready for the ceremony. Unfortunately the photography team were restricted to the back of the church, but as the video team were positioned at the front they could actually pull some photos off of the footage so the Bride and Groom won’t miss out too much.
Once the ceremony was over, Abbey and Dave went with the Bride and Groom to take photos on the way to the venue. This is a great way to add a little variety to your day.
Thankfully the weather stayed nice, so everyone mingled in the sun meaning which was a great opportunity for the team to do what they do best before getting on with the group shots.  Lindsey and Lee had hired a Toast Master which is a great touch to the day, you get announced into your room and your guests get to learn a little bit more why some traditions exist such as the wedding breakfast, cake and confetti.
Once the group photography and videography was over all that was left to do was the speeches, dance and their increasingly popular ultimate Photo Booth.

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Victoria and Toby – February 8th 2014

The first wedding video of twenty-fourteen took place a little away from home, in the beautiful city of Chester. The Dave Spink Photography video team joined Victoria and Toby for their magical winter-themed day at the Doubletree by Hilton hotel in Chester.

The team joined bride-to-be Victoria in her hotel suite, as she prepared for the big day ahead. The details of Victoria’s dress, perfume, and jewellery were memorialised on camera, as well as her giggles with the girls. From make-up, to hair, to fastening the bridal gown and slipping shrugs over dresses, each important moment was captured. 

As the bride finished up preparations, the video team joined the groom and his groomsmen downstairs, capturing Toby’s moments leading up to saying ‘I Do‘. He posed for photographs with his groomsmen in the beautifully lit conservatory, before joining his guests in the Abbey Suite which was prepared for the the ceremony.

The red-brick walls of the Abbey Suite created a spectacular contrast to the decorations hand-picked by the bride and groom. Lanterns mounted on pillars lined the aisle, white trees draped with crystals and white flowers were placed to either side of the registrar’s table, with petals . A singer performed as the wedding guests arrived and took their seats.

For the bride’s entrance, the vocalist sang a beautiful version of Snow Patrol’s ‘Chasing Cars’. The flower girls and bridesmaid led the procession down the aisle. As Victoria – accompanied by her father – made her way down the aisle, Toby’s face lit up with a smile.

Victoria and Toby had both a beautiful and light-hearted ceremony. From choked up moments to a registrar mixing up the name of the groom and the best man in the exchange of the rings, there was a sense of elation in the room, a celebration of two people in love.

The couple exited as husband and wife to Jason Mraz ‘I’m Yours’ covered by their wedding singer. They then joined their guests in the conservatory for the drinks reception. Due to some unfortunate heavy rainfall, the bride, groom and guests were kept inside. Thankfully, the Doubletree by Hilton hotel made a beautiful backdrop for the day regardless, with plenty of space for the guests to socialise over glasses of champagne and bottles of Peroni.

The Dave Spink Photography video team stayed with the guests and the happy couple to capture the exchanges, ensuring that Victoria and Toby wouldn’t miss a moment of their day when the time came to watch their wedding DVD.

As with any event, not everything goes to plan, and for Toby and Victoria it was the unfortunately un-explosive confetti cannons that refused to blast confetti in the air. However, the bride, groom and guests made the most of the moment by shaking the confetti free and throwing it into the air. Problematic props aside, the drinks reception was full of laughter and chatter.

Shortly after, the wedding breakfast room opened for the team to capture the room prior to guests entering. For the videography team, this meant ensuring that every hand-picked detail was documented. The Winter Wonderland theme continued with snowflakes and baubles blended in with the decor. The cake sparkled, covered with a flurry of snowflakes. Each table was adorned with a stark white tree with candle-filled baubles.

Victoria and Toby had selected the Gold Package which includes video messages from guests. The team selected a quieter area of the wedding venue to set up a camera and invited their friends and family to take a seat and leave a message for the happy couple. From sweet and sentimental messages, to live and loud renditions of classic songs, the couple’s guests had a fantastic time in front of the camera.

By the time the evening reception began, the room had been transformed into a beautiful winter’s night, even including a life-sized animatronic polar bear. Dry ice rolled across the ground as Victoria and Toby took to the dance floor to share their first dance to Michael Jackson’s ‘Lady in my Life‘. 

The team enjoyed a wonderful wedding, despite the rainfall that kept everyone indoors. Here at Dave Spink Photography, we’d like to wish all the best to Victoria and Toby.

Caroline and Dan – November 3rd 2013

 One of our wedding highlights of 2013 was joining Caroline and Dan for their special day at Rudding Park. It was a wedding video with a difference; it was time for our first official Dave Spink Photography Marryoke video.

The team began their day joining Caroline at her parent’s home near Selby. While half the team focused on beginning the Marryoke with Caroline and her bridesmaids, our second videographer ensured that all of the preperation details that would be a part of the full wedding video would not be missed. The large kitchen played host to the make-up for the bride and her bridesmaids, letting in plenty of morning light. Shooting prep with the bride allowed the team to introduce themselves, and allowed Caroline more time to adjust to being in front of the camera.

As Caroline made her final wedding preparations, the Dave Spink Photography crew packed away the equipment, loaded the van, and headed across to the wedding venue: the stunning Rudding Park in Harrogate. The videographers arrived ahead of the guests, allowing them to film the wedding attendees entering the venue. The couple had selected the Radcliffe Room for the main events of their day. This allowed the team to utilise the space available, ensuring every angle of the wedding was captured.

The couple had transformed the Radcliffe Room to their own tastes. The aisle was lined with a pale carpet, which greeted Caroline and her father with the sentimental inscription of: Dad, of all the walks we have taken, I’ll remember this one forever, Caroline x“. A string quartet played the music for the entrance of the guests – then later, the bride- who walked down to the aisle to a beautiful rendition of A Day Like This by Elbow.  

Caroline and Dan had stamped the day with personality and made it their own; from buttonholes featuring Lego superheroes for the pageboys, arriving in a VW Campervan, to Oscar the three-legged pooch acting as ring bearer, the day was a pleasure to be a part of. Of course, the ceremony didn’t mark the end of the team’s day.

After the bride and groom had taken their first walk together as a married couple, we rejoined them outside the venue for the group photograph. At this point, the team divided once again to continue producing both the wedding video and the Marryoke.

For the Marryoke video, the team approached guests and invited them to take their starring moment in front of the camera.  A variety of outdoor locations were used, to capture what was a beautiful – albeit chilly – day in winter. The team even utilised the VW camper van that Caroline and Dan had arrived in, to capture the spirit of the day.

Meanwhile, our second videographer continued to ensure that not a moment of Caroline and Dan’s day was missed for their video, joining the newlyweds and their photographer as they took shots of the bridal party. The guests later joined the happy couple outside, to throw the confetti in the entranceway.

Soon after, the Wedding Breakfast room was available, and so the videography team ensured that the details in the Radcliffe Room were captured; with tables named after music albums, letters of gratitude from the bride and groom for each guest, disposable cameras on the tables, preserves in jars as wedding favours, and a fantastic cake adorned with purple and peacock feathers.

At Dave Spink Photography, the team strive to ensure that every important moment of the wedding day is caught. From cutting the cake to teary eyes, to the little details hand-selected by the bride and groom. There was an abundance of personality in Caroline and Dan’s day that we ensured was included in both their full-length wedding video and their very quirky marryoke.

Caroline and Dan entered the room and took their seats at the head of the horse-shoe table. After the wedding breakfast was polished off, the speeches began. Proving further that the day was their own, Caroline stood up to make a speech.

Later that evening, the Dave Spink videography team continued to capture different and creative shots with the bride, groom and guests. One of our favourite shots of the day involved Captain Jack Sparrow joining us in the library, singing along from a suspended chair. Another had the bride, her mum, and bridesmaids looking up at the camera.

For the evening reception, Caroline and Dan had also hired one of the Dave Spink Photography Photo Booths, set up in the Drawing Room, alongside a sweets table for the guests. The team wrapped the wedding video with the First Dance(s) – at this wedding Caroline and her father had a special father-daughter dance to Superman by Black Lace – and ensured that the spirit of the evening was captured.

The Marryoke was wrapped soon after, and the team set off home after a fantastic day. Thanks to Caroline and Dan for inviting the team to be a part of their special day. We hope you all enjoy watching the Marryoke above!

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Gemma and Michael 20th september 2013 at Wentbridge house


Went bridge wedding photography Leeds

On the 20th of September 2013 the Leeds award winning photography teamDave Spink Photography  attended the wedding of Gemma and Michael at Wentbridge house; Which is where the beautiful day begun for Gemma and her bridesmaids preparations.
Luckily for everyone, the room that she got ready in was light, airy and spacious making preparation 10x easier for the team.
The dress was particularly lovely as the netting had an amorous about of detail which draped down beautifully on the hanger, making a perfect backdrop for her accessories.
Once Dave and Megan were done with the girls, they then decided it was time to prise the guys away from their pints and get the photos of just them before the ceremony.
The happy couple had a consistent green theme throughout their day that didn’t only look lovely but was a personal touch to the wedding ceremony room, as the page-boy had chosen a theme of apples for the decorations.

The weather fortunately stayed relatively nice considering it was the middle of september so they took that opportunity to get all the main wedding photography at Went Bridge House done as soon as the ceremony was over.
One of Wentbridge‘s main features is its stone gazebos which worked beautifully with many photos, particularly ones of just the two of them and the smaller bridal party photos
Once all the photos were done they then quickly went round the wedding breakfast room; where the apple theme carried on, and got photos of all the accessories and decorations around the room just in time for them to do make their entrance into the room and have their dinner.

While the wedding guests all ate, Dave and Megan got started on setting up the increasingly popular Photo Booth, all ready for when the night do was to begin.

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Aysha and Michael – September 1st 2013

On September 1st, the Dave Spink Photography team had the opportunity to return to a favourite venue. Aysha and Michael were getting married at the spectacular Oulton Hall, a venue that we’ve frequently visited for photography. This time around, the team were headed out to create a wedding video for the happy couple.

The team arrived early doors to capture the arrival of the guests, who were socialising out on the patio, taking full advantage of the beautiful sunshine. The moments that the Dave Spink Wedding Videographers captured showed some of the stunning colours of the wonderful day.

One of the members of our team was then invited up to the bridal suite to capture the tender moment of the father of the bride seeing Aysha in her wedding dress for the first time, before accompanying the bride downstairs to prepare for her entrance through the grand doorway of the Repton Room.

Meanwhile downstairs, a second member of the team captured the heightened buzz of guests, the growing anticipation on the face of the dapperly-dressed groom: Michael.

Every seat in the room was occupied, eyes fixed on the couple as they exchanged vows and rings. The register was signed, and then the couple took their first walk as a married couple back up the aisle.

The wedding party then convened out in the gardens. A pianist played a medley of songs to set the mood, while champagne was handed out. The video team spread out across the area to unobtrusively capture the moments taking place around them. The beauty of Oulton Hall’s gardens set a beautiful backdrop for Aysha, Michael, and their guests, as they made the most of the wonderful weather.

Our team joined the couple as they had photographs taken, ensuring that they would be able to look back on the joking and laughter that accompanied each still.

As soon as the Wedding Breakfast room was available, one of the members of our team went inside to document all of the unique details chosen by Aysha and Michael to celebrate their special day. From a cake crowned with wooden birds, circus tickets as place-settings, to tables named after animals, the room was transformed completely into their own.

The bride, groom, and guests soon entered the room, taking their seats and looking over the wedding favours, which consisted of a thoughtful playlist of Aysha and Michael’s favourite songs (including Queens Of The Stone Age, Beyonce and Desire, to name a few).

Speeches can often be one of the most humorous times of the day, and Aysha and Michael’s speakers were no exception. One gag from the Best Man included Michael being gifted with a Guitar, that was soon revealed to be a fetching pink ukelele.

Soon, the guests returned outside and the wedding video team joined them, capturing such highlights as the intense games of giant Connect 4 and croquet. Aysha and Michael had also asked for video messages from their guests, so between games, we utilised the stunning backdrop of the gardens to give the newlyweds some touching words from their attendees on their special day.

The bride and groom then took off in style, racing around the Oulton Hall grounds in a golf cart, as their evening guests began to arrive. The Oulton Suite was turned around from Wedding Breakfast to Evening Reception, and the room transformed into perfect evening venue, with soft-purple lit walls, golden caged candles, and star-like lights twinkling above.

For the Dave Spink Photography video team, the evening drew to a close after the cutting of the cake and a slow, sentimental first dance.

The wedding was beautiful, and we were honoured to be a part of such a special day for the couple. We hope you enjoy watching their day above, as much as we enjoyed watching it unfold.

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