Karen and stuart 3rd of may 2013 at Cave Castle

Cave Castle wedding photographers 2013

Karen and Stuart had their special day at Cave Castle on the 3rd of may 2013, but started their day at St helen’s church in Hull, where Dave Spink Photography went to meet the guys.
St helen’s was a small church located not too far from Cave castle its self, with a huge stain glass window located just in front of where the bride and groom were to stand.
Out side was a beautiful lake with a quirky bridge, perfect for some quick photos just after the ceremony.
With us on the day wasn’t just Dave and Megan, but Emily as well, who helped the team get some of the more natural shots that they may of not got with just the two of them giving the fact that cave castle is so huge.
Cave Castle is an amazing venue in hull offering an amorous amount of land and quirky scenic areas enabling the team to get lost in their artistic minds. This day in particular they got a lot of the more romantic photography which the couple were very pleased with once given the final photos.
Dave Spink Photography provide wedding albums with all wedding packages starting from a number of 80, although with the amazing feedback  they and from Karen and Stuart, it seemed to be difficult to them to whittle the photos down to just 80. So we also can offer album upgrades. Any information is provided on our Dave Spink Photography website, Or visit the team at our Photography studio in Leeds/farsley
Once Award winning wedding photographers from leeds were done outside they went to get the details shots of the room, and set up cameras for the speeches.
The cake was something that particularly stood out to these Cave Castle Wedding Photographers , expressing Karen and Stuarts relaxed funny side which was projected all day long, making it very easy to get along with them.
Last but not least it was time to do some dancing, the DJ had a smoke machine that looks really good in some of the photos.
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