Philippa and Adrian – August 11th 2013

One of our first wedding videos in August was in the picturesque North Yorkshire town of Ripley. Philippa and Adrian chose to use the Ripley All Saints Parish Church for their Ceremony, which allowed for the members of the Dave Spink Photography team to spread out across the church to capture every moment.

After the ceremony was complete and the couple were married, the wedding guests headed back outside into the beautiful sunshine to shower the newlyweds with handfuls of confetti. From there, it was a quick walk to the reception venue of Ripley Castle.

The couple and their bridal party posed for photos in the arches of the entranceway to the castle, before Philippa and Adrian ventured further into the heart of the building to have more photographs taken together. Meanwhile, their guests took advantage of the space provided within the historical walls and spread out to mingle.

A little later, Philippa and Adrian were taken by their photographer Pete Bristo out to the spectacular grounds by Ripley Lake, joined by one of the members of the Dave Spink Photography team. The pleasant weather of the day allowed the team to capture the couple as they strolled along the side of the lake.

The couple soon returned to their guests and joined them in the Morning Room for the wedding breakfast. The Dave Spink Photography wedding videographers rejoined the wedding before the speeches began. There was laughter, tears, and the occasional heckle from the crowd as the speakers on the top table expressed love and adoration for the newlyweds.

As the evening drew closer more guests arrived, and the day was almost over for the Dave Spink Photography team. The guests joined Philippa and Adrian in the library for the couple’s first dance. The couple swayed, twirled and spun around the room, before inviting the guests to join them for the remainder of the evening’s festivities.

Wedding Videography in Ripley

Natasha and Paul 2nd june 2013


Ripley Castle Wedding Photogrpahers

Natasha and Paul had their big day at Ripley Castle on the 2nd of june 2013,  I remember the day being absolutely boiling, so already we were excited to be getting on with the day knowing guests will be mingling in the sun.
As usual we started out with Natasha her girls and a very proud Dad getting her ready for the wedding.

As well as photography , we also had the video team with us meaning plenty of life long memories for the happy couple and their family/friends.
The dress almost looked as beautiful hung up as it did on Natasha; The perfect backdrop for all the lovely accessories.
The hotel which she got ready had many floors so we used this as a photo opportunity and got Natasha to go a few floors down then to look back up at us.
Paul’s relaxed and cheery attitude on the day meant the photography of just the guys was a breeze, but his nerves became more apparent when Natasha made her entrance and we were able to sneak a cheeky photo of him shedding a tear.
Following the wedding ceremony, the happy couple and their guests were led outside by the staff into the glorious sunshine that beamed on to the stunning gardens of Ripley Castle, where everyone was to greet and congratulate Natasha and Paul.
As Award winning Ripley castle wedding photographers, one of our favourite things about wedding photography is getting the natural shots of people just having a good time, and we can safely say that’s what we did this day. Everyone was happy, mingling and just generally having a fantastic time which made many opportunities to go trigger happy.

As part of Natasha and Paul’s day they let off lots of purple balloons (in keeping of the colour theme) off into the sky, so that also made a very nice photo, something a little different to what people usually do.
With all that Ripley Castle had to offer, we certainly weren’t stuck for choice when it came down to photos of just the two of them; My favourite being across the lake looking back at the castle, not forgetting a stunning one of just Natasha with her vail elegantly floating behind her. (A photo that I have also included within this blog)

The speeches were also a little different, one of the bridesmaids actually gave one but it didn’t take away from any of the emotion, I don’t think their was a dry eye in the house.
Come night-time, the room was magnificently transformed ready for Natasha and Paul to take to the stage and do their first dance.

To end the night we again had the pleasure of taking our photos booth with us on the day, they liked it so much that they wanted an extra hour!

I shall link you all to a video with our favourite pots from the day on there

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