Beth and David 7th January, East Lodge Hotel Bakewell


East Lodge Wedding Photographers Bakewell.

On the 7th on January, Dave Spink Photography have the pleasure of going to East Lodge Bakewell for Beth and David’s weddings. With this being a venue that neither Megan or Dave had been to, they took the opportunity upon themselves to getting there a lithely earlier then usual so they could have a scout around the place for some possible shots.
Beth and David, considering it was the start of January opted for a outdoor wedding. However the weather held out beautifully and they had nothing at all to worry. With the wedding being held outside, the Leeds award winning photographers  were able to use natural lighting, so the photos came out beautifully bright! Having seen all that East lodge had to offer, Dave and Megan didn’t struggle to take advantage of their picturesque and quirky areas. for example one of their main features being the stunning water feature.
Isolating itself from the rest of Bakewell; The lake that surrounds East lodge is not only a great photo opportunity, but also gives the feel that your on your own little island, away from the city centre.


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