Kayley and Dan 9th June

Here at Dave Spink Photography we offer some of the highest quality album upgrades around.
We get all our albums from Loxley Colour, one of the best companies around and offer sizes as small as parent albums right up a huge 16×12.
The pictures are beautifully printed straight into the wedding album, so none of this sticking in prints.
We can design them perfectly to fit the order of your day, you won’t just be getting a photo book, you will be getting  a story book.
We also offer parent albums, which are an exact duplicate of your main album, in a smaller size.
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Anna and Hayden 5th June Swinton Park

Swinton Park Wedding Photographers Yorkshire.

On the 5th of June Anna and Hayden had their wedding breakfast and reception at the award-winning venue Swinton park, in North Yorkshire. Swinton offers its services to many couples all year-long and is thought to be famous for its expertise in customer service, exclusivity and high level of cuisine.
No matter what time of year you attend Swinton park, you are defiantly going to be getting stunning photographs. As a Swinton Park wedding photographer, Dave and Megan found it an absolute pleasure to be the ones photographing Anna and Haydens special day; documenting their memories for them to treasure for life.
Anna started her day back at a nearby hotel with just her and the bridesmaids having her hair and make up done, being pampered like a princess by her girls. In a separate room was all her accessories she was about to ware on the day, so the perfect opportunity to get all the detail shots without any distractions.
Anna’s dress was beautiful, with a unique netted top that was an optional ware, so she decided to leave it off for the start of the day, then have it on for some of the photos. The bridesmaids dresses were a beautiful pinky-peach colour with detailed netting on top and a pleated shirt.

Anna and Hayden opted for a church wedding at St Nicholas church just near Swinton Park itself. While Anna and Hayden signed the register they had hired and acoustic singer who entertained the guests throughout the day.
When it was all over the team headed outside and got a quick photo of the Newly Weds just outside the church, but after that pretty much headed straight for Swinton Park to get all the group photography.
Swinton has a lot to offer with its 200 acres of land you defiantly won’t get stuck for photo choices, so with this in mind the Swinton Park Photographers took Anna and Hayden on a little walk to see what we could find. Usually Megan would come with her camera and get some of the more close up photos, but today, the team had brought with them some new lighting equipment that they had recently bought.
The grounds had a lake that we used for our famous vail photo, a photo that many of our clients see on there Dave Spink Photography website and directly request from us to do, including Anna and Hayden themselves.
At Dave Spink photography in West Yorkshire, the team always like to make every wedding different, and make sure that your photography is unique to you. However, a lot of the time our clients see photos they like from our previous weddings and request us to do them ones in particular.

Swinton Park wedding photographer
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Swinton Park wedding photographer
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 Swinton Park wedding photographer
Swinton Park wedding photographer
 Swinton Park wedding photographer
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Swinton Park – Swinton Park Wedding Photography – Swinton Park wedding Photographer 

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Natasha and Paul 2nd june 2013


Ripley Castle Wedding Photogrpahers

Natasha and Paul had their big day at Ripley Castle on the 2nd of june 2013,  I remember the day being absolutely boiling, so already we were excited to be getting on with the day knowing guests will be mingling in the sun.
As usual we started out with Natasha her girls and a very proud Dad getting her ready for the wedding.

As well as photography , we also had the video team with us meaning plenty of life long memories for the happy couple and their family/friends.
The dress almost looked as beautiful hung up as it did on Natasha; The perfect backdrop for all the lovely accessories.
The hotel which she got ready had many floors so we used this as a photo opportunity and got Natasha to go a few floors down then to look back up at us.
Paul’s relaxed and cheery attitude on the day meant the photography of just the guys was a breeze, but his nerves became more apparent when Natasha made her entrance and we were able to sneak a cheeky photo of him shedding a tear.
Following the wedding ceremony, the happy couple and their guests were led outside by the staff into the glorious sunshine that beamed on to the stunning gardens of Ripley Castle, where everyone was to greet and congratulate Natasha and Paul.
As Award winning Ripley castle wedding photographers, one of our favourite things about wedding photography is getting the natural shots of people just having a good time, and we can safely say that’s what we did this day. Everyone was happy, mingling and just generally having a fantastic time which made many opportunities to go trigger happy.

As part of Natasha and Paul’s day they let off lots of purple balloons (in keeping of the colour theme) off into the sky, so that also made a very nice photo, something a little different to what people usually do.
With all that Ripley Castle had to offer, we certainly weren’t stuck for choice when it came down to photos of just the two of them; My favourite being across the lake looking back at the castle, not forgetting a stunning one of just Natasha with her vail elegantly floating behind her. (A photo that I have also included within this blog)

The speeches were also a little different, one of the bridesmaids actually gave one but it didn’t take away from any of the emotion, I don’t think their was a dry eye in the house.
Come night-time, the room was magnificently transformed ready for Natasha and Paul to take to the stage and do their first dance.

To end the night we again had the pleasure of taking our photos booth with us on the day, they liked it so much that they wanted an extra hour!

I shall link you all to a video with our favourite pots from the day on there

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Ripley Castle – Ripley Castle Wedding Photography – Ripley Castle wedding Photographer – Ripley Castle Vidography – Ripley Castle Videographer


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Kelly and James 1st of June 2013

Allerton Castle Wedding Photographers and Videographers

These Allerton castle wedding photographers based in leeds, had the massive pleasure of photographing and filming Kelly and James beautiful wedding at the stunning Allerton Castle.
The Dave Spink Photography team are farely new to wedding videos at this time but still were very impressed with our footage knowing the award winning photographers  could take advantage of all that Allerton Castle had to offer.
The team started the day with the Kelly’s preparations in a nearby hotel, but carried on with the photos in the best room Allerton Castle had the offer, not the mention the best room they’ve seen during prep.

The atmosphere being very calm and collective, so prep was an ease for the wedding photographers from Leeds, meaning they were able make the most of the setting. Once the Dave Spink Photography had finished with the dress they left Kelly to her bridesmaids and went to take photos of the guys. The ceremony room was like something you’d see in the movies, an amazing balcony looking down onto all the guests curving round to a grand stair case which Kelly and her bridesmaids all followed round and made their arrival to the hall with every eye in the room on them. We’d seen nothing like it in all the years doing wedding photography.When it came to going outside, the Allerton Castle wedding Photographers could have spent hours going round the amazing grounds, but they had a job to do! Time for the group shots!
With so much space to work with we were able to use a lot of different settings which is something that doesn’t usually happen, so I’m sure they were happy with the different selection of photos.

While everyone took their seats in the wedding breakfast room the Dave Spink Photography all snuck out to take some photos of just the two of them, again we could have spent hours, even just picking a few for this blog was hard enough! One thing I particularly remember about this wedding is the speeches, the room was absolutely beautiful, the decorations were so perfectly picked out and everything just seemed to fit. The natural light shun on their faces as if it was planned that way, so the photos came out lovely and light! Along with Photography and Videography we also took one of our very popular photo booths bases in leeds which was a perfect end to a perfect day.
Here is a link to our YouTube page where you can view Kelly and James Highlights.
We hope you Enjoy

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Allerton Caste – Allerton Castle Wedding Photography – Allerton Castle wedding Photographer – Allerton Castle Vidography – Allerton Castle Videographer

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