Coral and Ian 24th August 2013 at The Old Lodge Malton

Coral and Ian had their special day on the 24th of August at the Old Lodge Malton.
The Dave Spink photography team had not come to this venue before, however they were here today with both the photography team and a Photo Booth.
Seen as the team hadn’t been to this venue before, they thought before the wedding ceremony was to take place that they should take a look around the grounds
inside and out to get an idea before hand as to where they were going to take photos and what locations they could use inside if it started to rain.
Although  The Woodlands Hotel, Bagden hall, Oulton Hall and many others are all venues  that the Award winning photographers go to on a regular basis and love visiting, they always look forward to going to new and exciting places to expand their impressive venue portfolio even more. Coral and Ian had their ceremony in quite a small room but with unique use of the balcony Leeds based photographers were able to get some different angles for them.
With the weather holding out nicely for the happy couple, the team thought they would take advantage of this rare but nice English weather and got the photography our of the way first thing after the ceremony. everyone was cooperative, smiling and having a great time, resulting in some fantastic photos for the bride and groom to look back at in years to come. With plenty of time before the Wedding Breakfast was to take place, Coral and Ian had chance to catch up with their friends, and be congratulated by everyone, so that was the Dave Spink Photography’s chance to get their much-loved casual shots. These are the photos that show really what goes on your wedding day, and the team prefer this time of the day where people are little bit more relaxed and not focusing on the camera. While they all sat down for the wedding breakfast, Dave and Megan got on with putting together our very popular Photo Booth. Dave Spink photography are now one of the biggest and best Photo Booth company in the area offering un beaten prices all year round.
A Photo Booth can bring a lot to your evening celebrations. Our photo booths print out two copies of the photo, meaning your guests all so get a little something to take home with them on the night.

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