Rebecca and Paddy Thorpe Park


Rebecca and Partrick opted for a more traditional Church wedding at Whitrick’s own St Marys church on Selby Road.
However the Leeds based photographers started their day bright and early at 10:30am for Rebecca’s Preparations. The atmosphere was calm and collective, likely to be the most relaxed prep the team have been to for a long time, Rebecca and her girls had everything under control and organised ready for the big day.
These Leeds based photographers are always thinking of new ideas and techniques to try make every wedding different and on this particular occasion they decided to light up the dress a little differently. Personally I think it looks fantastic. The Contrast brings out the vintage detail in the dress that Rebecca seems to love. Her whole day was organised around her love for the vintage style, everything from the dress, flowers , accessories and even the cake. The pastel colours all came together beautifully and saying she looked stunning on the day is an understatement!
As the weather unfortunately wasn’t on Rebecca and Patricks side this weekend, we had to get the group photos in her living room, but this didn’t dampen the mood. Everyone was smiling, laughing and just eager to get to the church to meet an extremely happy groom. The well prepared bride had already bought some umbrellas in anticipation of the rain making an appearence, so the team had quite a comicall moment escorting the bridal party one by one to the church so none of them got wet!
Church weddings are always that little bit different, its sometimes nice to be at a church so you get a wider variety of photos, and with the rain staying put after the ceremony the vicar was nice enough to let us take photos inside the church. Something the Award Winning Photographers from Leeds haven’t actually done before.
Once arriving at Thorpe Park the Dave Spink Photography team had some quick photos with the bus but after that had to embrace the fact that the rain was staying put and took photos inside the hotel. Luckily Thorpe Park offers some quirky areas for photos. For example the stair case is one they particularly like and not forgetting the fireplace!
The speeches took place before the meal, and they were different to say the least! Their 15 year old son stood up for a speech and left no eye in the house dry! However the best man took a little bit of a different approach , half way through his speech left the room, then returned half his original size! The guests , staff and even the team were left in stictches!
All there were left to do was the first dance and the cutting of that delicious looking cake, which was white chocolate mud pie.
Max, their 3 year old son was certainly enjoying taking some sneaky handfuls of their cake once Rebecca and Patrick had cut it.
For the evening celebrations they had organised a band, who also did their first dance song, making things that little bit more romantic, and wrapping up this amazing wedding beautifully and ending with one of our leeds photo booths! After a weekend of weddings these Leeds based photographers were tired, but had a fantastic weekend going to two weddings back to back doing what they do best.

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